New Takedown event need short explanation

Does anyone know why I’m dying while I’m trying to charge the Crystal’s? I just instantly die for no reason. I haven’t done much research.

If one of the crystals loses its charge you will die, so make sure to keep an eye on the other crystal while you charge the one you are charging

So that’s why you need 4 people?

You can do it with one, you just need to charge each one a little bit at at time and keep moving between then until they are all fully charged.

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Hmm interesting

@halinglis have you soloed it yet on m10?

Yes I have right up to the point I fell off a floating ledge just before the final boss, lol. Takes a long time and a ton of ammo. I believe they are going to try to patch it within a week or so because right now it is amazingly hard and not really much fun.

@halinglis. I’m still waiting for an achievement/trophey patch for the locations I have found. I’m missing the one that you get fro finding all the planets. My locations reset after every cycle of my xbox turning off.