New Takedown Event

Hey all,
I created a possible take down event for Borderlands 3; similar to the Maliwan take down, there would be an invincible raid boss, as well as a mini boss. Below, I have provided an in-depth breakdown of my idea. I would feel privileged to have it be established in the game, but nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy! Stay safe!

Operation Extermination: A Ratchet Take-down


The player is greeted by Hammerlock and Wainwright via the Echo-net. They ask them to investigate a mysterious case of Eden-6 residents disappearing. The player explores a new area called Guttery Gipes on Eden-6.

Guttery Gipes

Description: An underground pathway covered with moss, fungus, and depicts a sewer-like, aquatic atmosphere; it is filled with ratch enemies. However, these ratches have imbued shock, fire, cyro, radiation, or corrosion into their anatomy and attacks. Additionally, non-bad ass ratches present in this area can multiply into three weaker (but more agile) versions of themselves; upon being killed by the player. Furthermore, a new type of ratch enemies will appear during this location, and as a player weakens them, they transform into a pod; regenerating their health, and transforming into airborne enemies. (players must quickly destroy these pods.)

Mission Objectives:

  1. Enter Guttery Gipes
  2. Defeat all enemies
  3. Discover the case of missing residents
  4. Defeat all enemies
  5. Discover a bloody path of dismembered limbs
  6. Follow the path (leads to mini boss fight)

Mini Boss: Percy the Infamous Piper

Description A psycho wearing a feathered cap, ragged, torn clothes, and holds a damaged flute. Has two bars of health. After players have rid the first health bar, Petes goes into an immune phase; playing his flute to spawn baby ratches. Players must quickly destroy the baby ratches, as the mini boss attempts to consume them to regain health. Upon dissipating the second health bar, bad ass ratches spawn near Percy; however, instead of assisting him, he is eaten alive.


  1. Dissonant Music: Percy the Infamous Piper plays his damaged flute, (horribly) summoning multiple ratches (normal, elemental, and bad ass) to spawn.
  2. Range attack: Throws ratch eggs at players. (results in radiation damage)
  3. Musical Whack: The mini boss swings his flute at players close to him.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Defeat Percy the Infamous Piper
  2. Exterminate remaining ratches
  3. Discover the cries of the missing residents
  4. Free them (via melee attack)

Afterwards, Hammerlock and Wainwright contact the player, believing the case of the missing residents has been solved. They both tell the player to return to them; however, the ground collapses, and the player falls into a new location called: Oozing Nether.

Oozing Nether:

Description: A pitch black cavern, with yellow spots dotting the walls and ground. The area consists of radioactive streams and toxic fumes. As the player enters this new region, an ominous screech is heard further in the depths of the location. Hammerlock insists the player follows the ferocious sound, as it could perhaps be the real reason residents went missing. Players must shoot large bubbles as means to destroy whatever blocks their path, allowing them to continue their mission. Upon going further into Oozing Nether, the player comes across an echo-log of Percy the Infamous Piper. He says, “Must… harvest more bodies for the Beast…. must… please the Beast.” After listening to the echo-log, the player comes across an enormous pit. The screeching is heard louder, and the player enters the pit. Seconds later, the raid boss emerges from the dark.

Enemy: Ratchevores

Ratchevores, larger versions of ratch begin to crawl from the holes within the walls. These enemies have a thick hide of chitin, giving them a bar of armor and health. They are immune to fire damage, but their weakness is shock damage. Additionally, multiple ground slams on ratchevores can penetrate the enemies’ tough armor quicker.

Raid Boss: Cerbermorphus the Invincible

A gigantic, three headed ratch, with 12 holes around its body. The eight smaller holes release elemental and normal ratch enemies, and the 4 larger holes spawn bad ass ratches and ratchevores. The boss has three bars of health. The first head of the boss is immune against fire, the second head resists radiation, and the third is immune against corrosion.

First Heart Phase:

After clearing the first health bar, the boss enters an immune phase, and the first head inhales the player and all enemies present. The screen fades, with the player finding themselves sliding down the throat of the first head. Suddenly, the player enters the chamber of the boss’ first heart (one health bar). The player must use a fire weapon to quickly destroy the heart, (immune to radiation and corrosion) as it quickly regenerates health, and the area is being filled with acid. (there are safe spots the player can stand on to avoid the acid) Additionally, ratch enemies will spawn to distract the player from demolishing the heart. The player is given 20 minutes to destroy the heart; if they fail to do so, they die. After destroying the heart, the boss vomits them out, continuing the fight. The first head of the boss is severely weakened, hardly attacking, and moving lifelessly.

Second Heart Phase:

After the player has cleared out the second health bar, the third head of the boss inhales the player. Once again, they find themselves sliding down the gullet of the boss, but now entering another chamber which holds the second heart of the boss. Similar to the previous heart phase, the player must destroy the heart within 20 minutes; however, the heart releases corrosive spikes against the player as they damage it. Upon leveling the second heart, the boss spits out the player, and the fight continues. Now, the third head of the boss is lifeless.

Enraged State:

With two heads of the boss now deceased, the middle head bites off its other heads, gaining back a second health bar and becoming faster. In this “enraged state,” the boss charges at the player with immense speed (if players fail to dodge the attack, they instantly go into “fight for your life.”)

Third Heart Phase:

Once players have dissipated one and a half of the boss’ remaining health, the boss inhales the player. They slide down a red, swollen throat, entering the chamber containing the final heart. Similar to the previous heart encounters, players must demolish the heart within 20 minutes; however, the heart will release corrosive spikes, and radioactive novas the more damage the player inflicts. Additionally, ratch enemies also spawn to distract the player. Finally, once the last heart has been destroyed, the boss throws up the player; releases a final radioactive breath as a last attack, and explodes.


  1. Fire breath: The first head blasts an intense breath of flames if the player is close to the boss.
  2. Fireball: The first head spits a series of fireballs towards the player if they are far from the boss.
  3. Radioactive Breath: The second head breathes a radioactive smog when the player is close to the boss.
  4. Radioactive Slime Ball: The second head hurls radioactive chunks of slime if the player is away from the boss (can slow the player down for 3 seconds.)
  5. Corrosive Breath: The third head releases an acidic breath if the player is close to the boss.
  6. Acid Ball: The third head spits corrosive sludge at the player, if they are far from the boss.
  7. Claws: The boss slashes at the player if they are at medium range within the boss.
  8. Tail Whip: The boss swings its tail around in a full 360 degrees.
  9. Ground Slam: Ever so often, the boss flies up to a high level, and slams itself on the ground, releasing a shock wave players must dodge (Instantly downs the player.)
  10. Triple Fusion: All three heads of the boss blast the player with fire, radiation, and corrosion at the player.


The player watches the boss explode into rewarding legendaries. Furthermore, the explosion releases several (6-10) gastric pods the player must shoot to obtain additional legendary gear. Hammerlock and Wainwright thank the player for successfully killing the monster, solving the case behind the missing residents of Eden-6, and the mission ends.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Traverse further into Oozing Nether
  2. Shoot radioactive bubbles to clear path
  3. Defeat all ratches
  4. Traverse further into Oozing Nether
  5. Listen to Echo-log.
  6. Follow a path of deceased ratches
  7. Destroy all ratches
  8. Enter the enormous pit
  9. Defeat Cerbermorphus the Invincible

Mostly sounds great. My only criticisms would be that ratch turning into pods and then flying ratches makes them too much like varkids (I’d rather stick with the ratch unique ability to eat dead enemies, which is cool, so maybe if they eat enough they level up to flying or badass varients), and that it sounds too long. If you have to spend up to 20 minutes per heart, that’s over an hour for the boss, on top of the previous boss and all the level in between. I’d say make the boss fight around 20 minutes in total, at most.
Just bare in mind that, as a takedown, if you fail, you have to redo a lot, so making stuff too long will put people off.
Otherwise, well done, and I could see something like this being a takedown.

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Thanks for the feedback, now that you mention it, I agree the varkid pod concept is too identical; perhaps when ratch reach low health, they can actually do a “last resort” attack, jumping to the player and exploding (I’m just guessing here). Also, I can understand the misconception with the “heart phase” for the raid boss; when it states 20 mins, the player has a limit of 20 minutes, it would not take the whole 20 minutes to defeat the heart/s. Meaning, the player has to kill the heart before 20 minutes expire ( the hearts should not take no longer than 2-5 minutes; if carrying overpowered gear, maybe even 45 secs - 90 secs) . The only reason I propose such a long time limit, is in the situation players are fighting the raid boss with a challenging build (maybe all blue gear or no guardian rank) for fun. Additionally, after players have defeated Percy (the mini-boss) they reach the halfway checkpoint. Also, I made a mistake in not including this, I think once you have completed the take down, the area is open for farming (meaning you can jump right into the raid boss or mini boss; with an eridium payment) Once again, I greatly appreciate your feedback!

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