New takedown, great but why the cheap deaths?

So, the new takedown is fun. Boss fights are great, I even don’t mind the platforming. Time jumps right and it no big deal.

What’s making create this topic is a big deal to me. What’s with the over zealous melee enemies dive bombing? On a map with low grav and where you’re basically walking a tight rope at some places it’s cheap deaths. Being required to stay in one place to charge a point which being bombarded with diving enemies and you’re knocked into the air, straight off the map. After the 3 crystal pads on that “path” is the worst. 38 deaths. Come on. You’re telling me someone played this before release and said “yeah it’s alright.” I’m not the only one who feels like this.

I consider myself a die hard. I’ve never complained publicly about this game before, I love the game. But until this is addressed I’m shelving takedown.


Safe-space shields and singularity grenades. :+1:t2:

Having to change your whole loadout and playstyle for one bad activity and you still die :-1: