New Takedown Ideas?

Hi! I was just thinking about ideas for future takedowns that I thought might be fun. I am aware that Gearbox already have some plans in the works and are already working on stuff for season 2 but putting some ideas out there never hurt anyone.

So, I was thinking about a takedown based on the movie Starship Troopers. The vault hunters are sent to investigate the bug threat (most likely spiderant but new ones are welcome) on a previously inhabited planet. The vault hunters drop into an empty outpost and after finding out what happened, hordes of bugs emerge outside of the outpost defenses and the vault hunters have to survive the onslaught until the teleporter to another outpost finishes charging up (maybe the teleporters like in dlc3?). The longer you stay in one outpost, the more powerful and more numerous the enemies become. (Or maybe the hordes should stop after the teleporter is ready? I personally feel like it’ll feel more intense if we have to use the teleporter to ESCAPE a growing horde rather than just to progress to the next base). This can continue for however many outposts (I was thinking 2 outposts with 5 minute timers each because anymore than that, I feel like it would be too repetitive) with a mid-level boss at the end of the defense of the final outpost.
After clearing the outposts (or escaping, depending on design), the vault hunters would discover the underground tunnel network of the bugs and they would have to fight more hordes but now, in their territory. As they push through the tunnels, they eventually make it to the hive mind, the final boss.

I personally just love the idea of a horde style takedown where enemies are everywhere there’s no end in sight and you just have to kill as much as you can to survive. (Imagine if your minimap was entirely filled with red dots). Also, while it is fun being powerful and feeling powerful like in maliwan/guardian takedown, it can be easy to trivialize certain parts, taking away some of the sense of danger (and, in turn, taking away some of the hype). I want a takedown that isn’t easy, not because you aren’t powerful enough or don’t have the best gear, but because more enemies are coming faster than you can kill them. They may not be the strongest, but there are too many and more are always coming.

Anyways this was just my 10 minutes of brainstorming a new takedown idea I thought would be fun. Of course, it’s way too similar to Starship Troopers so certain parts would be changed to make it it’s own unique thing. Also, there are probably plenty of things that would be hard to implement that I haven’t even thought of yet. It’s a very rough draft takedown idea and probably won’t go beyond this. Just wanted to flesh it out a bit. If you’ve got any ideas for a takedown, feel free to post them here. I think it’d be interesting to see what other takedown ideas are floating around in the community.


Ratch seems to be like a spread species, clung to a ship once and then bam eggs all over the galaxy.

I want Bullymongs back tho and if Kingmong or Queenmong wanna be a takedown boss. My vote is in.


One of the first sections could be some sort of “deactivate the shields to get accses to the centre of the outpost”. But by deactivating the shields nearby living scags can make a whole into the outpost walls and attack it.

got a few
pandora takedown where you have to go and fight all kinds of monsters and the final boss is crawmerax but in dope
sidebosses are skagzilla and mothrakk as a combo

saurien takedown from morices ppl, have a weard mix of sauriens and guns
the final boss could be a big fk off rex with some rly cool mechanics around it having super fire breath or whatever

thresher / stalker takedown with both types reintroduced

monkies together strong takedown
bullymongs and the monkies from bl3 ( forgot their names) and as the final boss we got queen mong and king harambe

vladof takedown with massiv rapid fire stuff and IB combat units
final boss could be the IB 3.0
sideboss is IB 2.0


I Hope Gearbox have one more Takedown to release, because I need one more head to complete my decoration.

I am still waiting for my COV takedown
already had Maliwan and Guardian takedown was full of bugs already (like the entire game :joy:) so no more bugs please

It’s also weird that there’s 0 hyperion robots to be seen outside the jackpot :sweat_smile:

Also, I want innuendo bot slaughtershaft in BL3 haha I loved that one.

A hyperion takedown doesn’t sound bad either :innocent:

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I think it would be too similar to the Maliwan, to be honest.

Hyperion robots :blush:

I really liked fighting these In BL2 (and the jackpot)

What striked me as odd in BL3 was how it felt like 90% of the enemies where CoV or maliwan :sweat_smile: so on that note I can see that pretty much any takedown would feel like the maliwan takedown haha

I think they need to make GTD more accessible and less slower paced first with some QoL save points especially the platforming aspect.

I’m so tired of Maliwan! I’d prefer dinosaurs or Hyperion bots

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I know right? :innocent:

Played DLC1 so many times (played DLC1 more times then the actual main game)

There’s almost no reference to BL2 or Jack in the main game :confused:

Also it’s odd there’s not a single hyperion robot to be seen on Pandora

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Creature takedown


I’ve always thought of Hyperion Takedown. Make it as reminiscent as the Hero’s Pass and make the middle boss Felicity reforged(a crazy crazy strong Constructor), and final boss the Reborn Warrior, but this time make it strong enough worthy of its name.

Or a Hammerlock Takedown will also rock. Something along the line Hammylock tried building a Hunting Safari and it got taken over by CoV survivors. The Raid boss can be literally any monsters, heck I’ll settle for Vermivorous that drops Norfleet again.

Oooor maybe a Claptrap DLC reference will be epic. Shadowtrap came back somehow and tried to take over Claptrap, and Claptrap demands the recruits go inside his mind and take care of the craziness in his mind. I really liked the last fight with Eclipse.

Honestly I can go on and on. Previous Borderlands have built up tons of story arc, and all we need to do is tweak one theme a bit.


For hyperion there where some good bosses in BL2 and DLC1 :innocent:

Bunker and the giant robot (forgot the name) come to mind

And from DLC1 fabricator (not that it was a particular engaging or hard fight) and the end boss

Also like the hamerlock idea :yum: does sound a bit jurassic Park like hahaha but nothing wrong with that :wink:

I wouldn’t mind them bringing back some BL2 maps/places (Jack’s city and wildlife preserve for example)

Since Takedowns are the new raid bosses, might as well continue the Crawmerax legacy…

Takedown of the Invincible Son of the Invincible Son of Crawmerax the Invincible.

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Love this.

Yeah, but what I meant is that it would be a Takedown against robots/humans again with robot bosses.
It would really be cool to fight through Hyperion Loaders but dont know if it would be this different. Also, seems that Hyperion is trying to stay away from its past with Jack so dont think it would be a Takedown against them. What reminds me: who is the new Hyperion CEO? :thinking: Hope this kind of thing is included in the Directors Cut.

Anyway, truth is we need a new Takedown. Even if it is against the Evolved Saurines from Maurice place. Or against the seventh Siren, maybe?

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They made the jackpot as some forgotten place where residents took over :innocent:

A takedown could be an old factory on elpis (weird they didn’t even visit elpis in 3) with a group of people still loyal to Jack or a sentient robot :sunglasses:

A Tediore themed takedown would be nice too :rofl: (who the hell is the Tediore Co. Haha)

Really, I wouldn’t mind paying for takedowns atm (the previous ones have more content then the current DLC haha)


Thresher takedown. Hammerlock wants us to help repopulate the threshers that got screwed over on Elpis during the events of BL3 (they’re now an endangered species). We explore a mix of highland fields and underground tunnels while clearing Pandora’s invasive species problem. We also have to deliver baby threshers back to the moon in pods, while fighting off other threshers. We battle parts of the invincible throughout the raid leading us into the final boss fight.