New takedown sucks

Fix the new takedown or remove it as it stands way to hard and not fun at all actually i think ill jus quit same thing over and over time to move on

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Feedback is pretty non specific so I imagine it’s of little use to anyone.

May be worth noting that hotfixes are inbound this week to address some issues such as health balancing.


I came back just for this Takedown. It’s way too hard on M10 considering the gun nerfs. I backed it down to M1 just to run through it. I’m shelving the game again until new DLC comes out. Pretty tired of all the mistakes in this game. BL2 had it’s share but this game is way beyond that. Gearboxes go-to seems to be nerfs. That’s fine because I have other games to play instead.


If nerfs stopped you from beating it you need to get better gear for the takedown… not just better gear… but equipped for the takedown… not just yellow cake and opq lol

Please use the existing thread for discussing issues with the new takedown event. Ta muchly!