New Taunts 20/10/16

Thought’s on the new taunts?

Orendi’s is funny, though I can’t understand what she’s saying in half if them.

Rath’s is good too.

Reyna’s is cool.

Ghalt’s is OK.

Mellka’s is kind of meh for me.

Whiskey Foxtrot. Oh. My. Goodness.

What is orendies

She dances and throws her hat around and sings a song.


Love orendi’s, Ghalts is alright, Melka’s is alright, Love raths, Reyna’s is meh, Montana’s is meh, and whiskey’s is great.


Holy crap, it’s 20/10/16?! My, how time flies… When did they add the new months?

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I can’t log onto Battleborn at the moment - any chance someone can post GIFs of the new ones so I can see them?

You poor, poor American.

I kind of half-deliberately wrote it like that because I knew someone would bring this up. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know… I have no money to buy the new taunts. Woe is me. How did YOU know that though?

Seriously though, i’m NOT a time traveler? Aw…

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I… Didn’t like any of these.

Also Rath that’s not how you file your nails, you’re going to separate the nails beds!