New terror anointed gear has uplifted Purple quality guns

I’ve been messing around with the new Terror anointments and found that alot of the purple guns have become very powerful thanks to ammo regen.
Dahl snipers, Jakobs Carabines, Vladof ARs and pistols, some Alien barrel weapons. As long as the mag size and fire rate ratio allows to shoot without reloading these weapons can become really strong. Theres is an abundance of them, so getting ones with great anointed bonuses is easy.

Whats your experience so far? Which guns have you noticed to work greatly with the terror ammo regen mechanic?

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Have you played a Bottomless Mags Moze? Because if you like that, then you’d love that tree. Imagine never reloading during a fight, even with bosses. Though, the capstone is mildly bugged it seems.

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Well, with this setup I can actually have a character like Amara to have a “bottomless mags” Moze experience whilst also having many bonuses from the Amaras skill trees. I can imagine Moze could have bottomless mags and on top of that health regen/dmg reduction/reflect.

Some could argue that if you could find an alternative way to have near infinite ammo, then having an entire skill tree dedicated to it is then made useless. If so, then I might as well play as someone else AND have near unlimited ammo. And now comes the nerf…

Have you used rocket boots and means of Destruction? Nothing like having a two shot Torgue shotgun go for…oh, I don’t know, 10 shots. Bye bye Tyreen :joy::joy:

Gotta love Moze. If it’s not blown to pieces, it’s riddled full of holes.

Yeh I love the bottomless mags moze. I’ve never tried the grenade spam build but just the fact she doesnt have to reload often makes her my favorite currently. Recently moved away from moze and forcing myself to experiment more with amara. She’s quite fun too and it’s nice having an action skill worth using :joy:

Oof. That burns more than Stoke the Embers…

No, because then she can utilise other terror mechanics. If Amara has ammo regen, then she will most likely not have health regen/reflect/dmg reduction from terror anointments as you would want your gun to have anointments that improve damage. Whislt Moze could benefit from, lets say health regen on top of her inherent ammo regen.


Hm. Very good point. I did not consider that.