New things I found out about Krieg

Thanks to the introduction of some new methods, there are some new facts about Krieg I have been able to find out
which ppl may have known or not

and I would like to share them is all

1: when I tested the self damage from Silence the Voices some time ago here, my conclusion was that the self damage may be counted as a grenade splash, seeing as grenade damage affected it while everything else didnt.

well turns out that assumption was correct. Self hitting counts as a grenade splash damage, which is why Fuel the Blood and your grenade damage from Badass Rank increased its damage

2: this has already been told in this thread
but I could confirm that Numbed Nerves Indeed does give 100% Damage Resistance at 5/5
basically how it works is that the skill gives you enough DR to literally reduce the damage by the amount it says in the skilltree
so 100/9 %(11.1111111111~%) at 1/5, 25% at 2/5, 300/7 %(42.85714~%) on 3/5, 200/3 %(66.66666~%) on 4/5, and 100% at 5/5

3: It’s already been known for a while that Embrace the Pain’s Fire Rate bonus doesnt give affect the fire rate of the thrown axe, but not the reason for it. Well now I can tell you, the reason is because its set to be deactivated when youre in Blood Axe Rampage
which means the increased shield delay would probably be disabled too.
so yeah Embrace the Pain wont be of much use if you dont intend to use guns(well in which case there was probably no reason to take it anyway but still)

Ofc if you do use guns(especially slow guns) its still a great skill

4: I could be the only one that didnt know this, but Hellfire Halitosis is not affected by your melee damage, even though its an melee override
I guess this isnt too surprising as Scorn isnt affected by melee damage either(as far as i know, anyway).

well for now thats it I think

Things I want to but couldnt figure out yet:

  1. why Burn, Baby ,Burn reduces the self burn damage (and it definitely does)
  2. how Taste of Blood works

I’ll update this post if I find anything new

p.s. and oh its not Krieg related but the Rough Rider does have a special multiplicative damage reduction so it really does reduce damage taken by 20%, while all other damage resistance follows the Damage Resistance formula


There is: increased fire rate. It really helps with Torgue weaponry and other weapons that shoot slow. I take it because I don’t have any other skill I want to invest in.

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Thats why I said full BXR build
Not just any mania build :slight_smile:

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I do a full BXR build and I have noticed a difference between speccing it and not speccing it.

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I meant full bxr as in youre literally gonna do nothing but take hits(or maybe throw slag grenades) while out of BXR

But yeah if you are using guns at least a bit
EtP is definitely a great skill
35% contant fire rate at tier 2 is nothing to look down at
Plus it helps with slagging if you use a gun to slag

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That’s a pretty niche case that I’ve only seen done once and that was for a challenge. In regards to that scenario, I agree with you, but I still spec it. :dukeego:


Ah seems I underestimated a bxr only build’s rarity then haha
Ill edit that part

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It’s not shown on card, but it decreases the self-ignition damage you take for each level, with diminishing returns. Since we don’t have solid data I think I should test it myself, I’ll put the results in this thread (with all the math).

I think it’s the way Damage Reduction is calculated. While the RR really gives you 20% flat Damage Resistance, this one is not really a removal by percentage-based values.
Final damage = Initial damage / (1+Damage Reduction). 75% DR from Taste of Blood means that the Damage you take is divided by 1,75.

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I meant

1: yes I do know that but I was trying to find out what made it reduce the self-ignition damage and…I couldnt find it
I did try testing it too
and it really does decrease the self dot damage by a lot

I just dont know what makes it do that

2: as for Taste of Blood
I cant find a formula I can understand about the relation of stacks and DR it gives

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The first one should have been known for a long time, really.

Amazing discoveries, still.

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What do you mean ?
Because this is the formula : Damage Taken = Initial Damage / (1 + Damage Reduction).
And if you count stacks : Damage Taken = Initial Damage / (1 + Damage Reduction for 1 stack * Amount of stacks).

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Taste of Blood
gives more Damage Reduction the more bloodlust stacks you have

and I wasnt sure if they were going for the same thing with numbed nerves

aka n stack= enough DR to reduce n% damge

but I cant figure it out

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Let’s assume y is the Damage Taken, x is the initial damage and n is the number of Bloodlust stacks. I’ll base my calculation on a flat 5/5 spec into ToB meaning I get +0,5% DR for each stack of Bloodlust.

y = x/(1+0,5*n)

Is this what you’re looking for ?

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not really

what im looking for is whether it actually is 0.5% DR for each stack of bloodlust
whether it actually is 0.5*n
if not, then whether it works like Numbed Nerves, where it gives enough DR to actually reduce damage by that amount

ex)40 bloodlust stacks with 5/5 Taste of Blood
im trying to see whether its
a) it just gives 40% DR
b) it gives 25% DR so that you actually take 20% less damage

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Why 25% ?[quote=“the_Nocturni, post:14, topic:1560014”]
a) it just gives 40% DR

This one is false, since 0,5x40 = 20.

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25% DR would actually reduce 20% damage

at 5/5 Taste of Blood reduces a maximum of 50% damage at 100 stacks (aka 100% DR)
so if youre 40 stacks
if you interpolate it you could think its supposed to reduce 20% damage

a) is 40 stacks cus 100% at 100 stacks->40% at 40 stacks

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DR caps at 75% when ToB is boosted at 10/5 ^^

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yeah but iirc
thats a literal 75% damage reduction
aka 300% DR

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75% Damage Reduction from ToB will be :
= 0.5714. (approximatively)
1-0.5714 = 0,4286 = 42,86% actual DR.

And if you add RtB (so 125% Damage Reduction), it will be :
= 0,5555 = 55,55% actual DR.

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no no
im saying
it literally reduces damage by 75%(aka gives 75% actual DR)

well at least according to the post I saw anyway

so 300% DR would be required in order to do so

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