New things people have seen since playing the CTT

I played the CTT extensively and just by watching a few videos of what the various youtubers have shown lately, I have noticed a couple new changes to the game. I wanted to share with everyone about what I have seen and hear what others have seen if they have noticed anything new.
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1: The mechanic blind has been changed. Instead of a black screen covering the screen with a little bit shown on the top, it has been changed to a white blinding light instead with people able to see the bottom of their screens.

2: On the Meltdown Map we have seen and played on in the CTT, they have added a supply station near the big minion spawns on either side. This was a smart move, people now have the ability to retreat much closer to the lanes and come back after healing. Hopefully this will help with some of the one-sided battles in the CTT by providing more uptime for people to be at their lane, destroying minions and poking the enemy Battleborn.

So far these are the changes I have seen. Has anyone else noticed anything else?

Also the healing station in the middle tunnel was removed.

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WE also swapped out the backfield Lightning turrets for Thumper (missile) turrets, and moved the biggest shards to the backfield collection points.

All of these changes were made post CTT to create more defensive opportunity for teams who lost the early game. We’re hoping the matches are a bit less snowball-y now.


I’m sure most people know a lot of characters have three helix options instead of two on some levels thanks to recent gameplay. At first I didn’t think it was very significant since it was usually only one level, but in the recent Marquis Let’s Play he has three helix options on five of his levels. Thought it was worth mentioning at least.

I see you guys are analyzing your problems well. Good job :smiley:

And swapping the icons of the upgrades for “items” made them far more interesting.

Question about the turrets: Did you think about making several upgrades possible, like choosing between 3 types of turrets (missiles/laser/lightning) and then giving each augmentations?


  • Lightning turret
  • not dodgable
  • permanent stream of damage
  • lower relative dps
  • chain lightning
  • Missile turret
  • hard homing, but dodgable
  • single bursts of damage
  • relative high dps
  • small AoE explosions
  • Laser turret
  • not dodgeble
  • single bursts of damage
  • low fire rate, high damage
  • single target

And those have standard upgrades to just make them “better”.
Alternatively: A base turret with a “skill-tree” of augmentations.

Yeah, that was the main idea. They have called that ‘‘mutants’’, I believe? We just didn’t really got to see that, because most of us weren’t that deeply on the characters on the CTT and all that.


Yeah, that’s the name. :smiley:

This right here shows that Gearbox is listening to its community of players and that really excites me. You all realized that you needed the extra three months to finish the polish of the game. Shows that you all really care about the consumer and I at least appreciate that very much.


I wish more people would stop and think about this before they started spewing their vitriol about the game and/or its asking price.


I agree. Game Developing at the Triple A level has become so much more expensive in recent years while price of games have dropped. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, games cost over $100. I also believe that more people need to realize the amount of effort that Gearbox puts in to their games they personally develop and how much interaction and feedback they listen too.

Golden Keys were still being handed out for Borderlands 2 last summer. (do not know if gearbox is still handing them out). Updates/Patches, etc were still coming out after their last DLC. These guys care about us. How often do you see the Creative Director take time out of his Sunday (DAY OFF PEOPLE) to respond to his community. The love of this project known as Battleborn shows and it is only time before that love of their game rubs off on the consumer majority, just like Borderlands did.


Not everywhere: In my country, it rose.
Used to be [what was back then the equivalent of 45€] to 60€ now.
Battleborn is 50€. So it’s closer to what was the norm before.

Also, it depend on inflation and stuff. So what was 100$ (Or 45€) back then, might be worth the 60$/€ now.
So it’s hard to make a judgement of what was the price “before”, and what it is now. Better to compare to what exist at the same moment.

Yep, they still do (Every week or two, i think?).

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I was born in 94 so I have only been buying my own games for the last 5 years or so. But even if inflation takes affect and due to inflation, $100 back then is worth $60 now, that does not account for games becoming even more expensive to create. People need to give credit where credit is due. Game Creation is more expensive now then 20 years ago, than five years ago but the price of $60 has not changed at all.

I own a liquor store and when a 6pk of beer goes up in price, you bet I am going to raise the price I charge of that 6pk of beer, otherwise I wouldnt be making any money.

Consumers would have an outrage if they had to pay $80 dollars for a game nowadays. So companies get by charging the $60 base price and then adding DLC content to get people to pay for more. Or charge for skins/emotes,small things that do not take much time to create but can rake in a lot of money because they are cheap.

It is Awesome that Gearbox still supports such an old game. Most companies will not do that on the Triple A level.

Yeah they did increase too, but it’s not the only reason:

The teams are way bigger, graphics are more complicated, more technology to consider, marketing is harder (It’s actually a big job, now), etc…
But on the contrary, there is a wider public, part of what you sell are digital copy (Don’t have to make physical copy is a good way to reduce cost) better and easier tools, etc…
So it cost more, but you win more too (Usually, that is)

Heh, say that to EA (Or Brazilians)

This guy, right here.

Also, George Carlin reference?

I had no idea who George Carlin was until I googled him after you posted about it, lol.

I don’t believe I agree about the whole cost more, but the developers win more too. But that is not what this topic is about anyways, so that discussion can be held elsewhere at a different time. We both do agree that Gearbox does spend a lot of TLC on their products and community though. :slight_smile: