New Title Ideas

I love the titles, but there are two that I feel should be added.
“Never Surrender” for reasons obvious to any who have played PvP.
“Skipper” so me and my friend can run around as “Skipper” and “Little Buddy”.


Oh I really like the ‘never surrender’ title idea!
I’m not sure other players care much for titles, but if this deterred any of the ‘completitonists’ out there, then good…
I’d personally also be happy to wear that title with pride… I always vote no/against… No matter the outcome… I’m stubborn and like to see something to the end.


+1 for “Never surrender” idea. Although it could be a bit more strong like “True badass never surrenders” or “Surrendering is for loosers” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dr. Professor Boldur needs to be a title.

Loses 100 consecutive matches without surrendering
Earns "Never Surrender"
Wears "Never Surrender"
Immediately votes for surrender in every subsequent match

I could see this being problematic lol.