New Titles Pretty Please

So a friend of mine got 50 assists in a match and it made me think… Gearbox; community… How do you feel about prestiged titles? 30 assists is easier once you learn the game. Why not add new titles to reflect the advancement of the community’s skills. Ideas.

  1. 50 assists on battle born in one match

  2. Kill the entire enemy team as a team a minimum of 3 times in one match

  3. Affect 50 (or higher because I do not have the stats for this) battle born with CC effects in one match

  4. Win 10 matches of any type in a row

  5. Get the landing blow on both sentries in the same incursion match 10 times

  6. Destroy half of the enemies minions on meltdown 10 times

  7. Be the only player on both teams with a level 10 helix on Capture 10 times (to reflect varelsi farming skills)

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  1. 50 assists on battle born in one match
  1. Kill the entire enemy team as a team a minimum of 3 times in one match

Sure, because people need even more reason to pubstomb noobs than they already have.

The rest seems fine.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. The only reason why titles like worthy of song are so easy to obtain is simply because experienced players get matched with beginners.


Fair is Fair. You have opened my eyes to those titles being too aggressive.

I like that you agreed with the other title ideas. They do seem to focus on objectives rather than KD glory hunting.

Im hoping people will post their random title ideas here and who knows gearbox might add them. It would be a nice change from character balance discussions

I came up with some pretty good ones myself and have suggested them before.

  1. Master of the Rogues----> Get master titles for all of the rogue characters----->Rogue symbol
  2. Master of the Jennerits---->Get master titles for all of the Jennerit characters----->Jennerit symbol
  3. Master of the Peacekeepers---->Get master titles for all of the UPR Characters----->UPR symbol
  4. Master of the LLCs---->Get master titles for all of the LLC characters------>LLC symbol
  5. Master of the Eldrids---->Get master titles for all of the Eldrid Characters----->Eldrid Symbol
  6. Master of the Battleborns----->Get master titles for all of the Battleborns------>Gold battleborn symbol

Each one will also give you a special name color in game
For example:
LLC—> Aqua
Eldrid---->Light brown


Love those Masters of Class Title ideas!

Maybe one for multiple pentastrikes. And, maybe one for those who have been reported multiple times for cheating and were exonerated.

Hahaha to the cheating one. I mean if someone reports you wrongly does Gear notify you?
Exonerated would be a cool title name

has to be “1337 H4xx0R5” or similar

I’d rather the weren’t just “Master of XXX”, though; that gets kinda boring.

I’d prefer to see titles drawn from the lore of the various factions, like “High Observer” for the Eldrid, “Field Marshal” for UPR, “Majority Share Holder” for LLC, and “Pirate Lord” (or something else suitable Rogue-ish) for Rogues. I’ve got no clue what kind of uber-title could be done for the Jennerit since their upper echelon is the Sustained (which is already a title) and it would be kind of weird to use either of Rendain’s titles (Lord Commander, Warmaster).

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I really like the master titles. Love showing off the hardwork I put in each character and love putting fear into my enemies by showing them who I’m a master of, >: )

Just seems a bit uninspired to me. /Shrug

I support any that don’t encourage kills.

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Pirate Lord is too masculine for the Rogues, who are after all Reyna’s babies. For a final Rogue title, I’d suggest ‘Kind of a Big Deal’ :wink:


There are alot of PvP ones, but there aren’t that many specific to PvE. I can think up a couple, although whether the criteria needs to be completed X amount of times is subjective:

The Algorithm
Sleepy Barbara: Remove H3NCHM4N’s shield twice while in combat.
Watch The Sparks: Do not take damage from H3NCHM4N’s Shock Balls more than twice while in combat.
Won’t Catch Me: Do not get stunned by any of Geoffs Spider Web traps.
Quick on the Spray: Activate the fumigators within 18 seconds after the doors open.
Etched in Stone: Destroy at least X airborne Golem rock pods while fighting the Galatic Emperor.
Stifled Icer: Do not allow the Galatic Emperor to regain more than 25% of its total health back before death.
Jump or Die :D: Avoid getting hit by any of Magnus ISIC’s shockwaves

Void’s Edge
Say No to Backup: Destroy all Warp Anchors summoned by Warlord Nix before they spawn troops.
Kinda Pointless Really: Keep Wolfy’s health above 75%
Void Campers: Kill the Conservators Varelsi Shielders within 15 seconds of spawning.
With Time To Spare: Fight your way out of the Conservatives Varelsi Dimension within 60 seconds.

The Archive
Better Than Being Burnt: Keep Chronicles health above 75%
Librarians Favorite Helper: Do not allow more than 5 Data Minions to be killed by the enemy.
Paid Good Money For That: Do not allow more than 5 Turrets to be destroyed before Gunhulk becomes vulnerable.

The Sentinel
Brawler for History: Clear out the initial entry site within 3 minutes.
Nimble Spelunker: Do not die from any traps
Mini-boss Wrecker: Kill both Guardian Vyn and Guardian Arc in less than 90 seconds
Denied Favor: Destroy the Shard Clusters on both islands that spawn before The Guardian can jump on them.
Stonebreaker: Remove The Guardians stone plating within 15 seconds of the fight starting

The Experiment
Science Triumps!!!: Do not let the portal core health drop be 75%
Blowback: Deal at least X amount of damage to Antum by killing Exploder Minions to harm him.
Killed Him So Hard: Kill Antum within the span of 80 seconds.
Focus Fire: After initially removing its shield, kill the Conservator before its shield returns.

The Saboteur
Money Well Spent: Construct every possible turret and tower during the mission.
Timecard Puncher: Kill Thrall Shift Supervisor Varl within 45 seconds of him leaving his station.
Synchronized Taskforce: Destroy both Shard Cluster generators powering the doors within 8 seconds of each.
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Avoid being slowed by Maligner for more than 8 seconds.
Magnus Bodyguard: Do not allow the core in the final area to fall below 70%.
Purger of Ghosts: Destroy all of Foreman Gralls Phantoms within 20 seconds of the spawning.

The Heliophage
In a Hurry: Activate the Shard Pads leading to Rendain with more than 10 minutes remaining.
Reapers Sprint: Kill X amount of enemies before activating the Shard Pads leading to Rendain
On Solid Ground: Never get knocked off ground while within Varelsi Space.
Traitors Demise: Remove Rendains Shield within 60 seconds.
For the Empress: Kill Rendain with an all Jeneritt group.
Undying Unity: Kill Rendain within anyone on your team dying


I’d like some more less-serious sounding titles.

And I love the idea for Master of (Faction) titles!