New to battleborn here

Hello all. I’ve had my eye on Battleborn since launch day but I wasn’t able to get it due to a bunch of reasons. However I managed to snag a copy for xbox off of amazon really cheap. (10$) I decided to get it partially because of that but also because I skimmed the winter update and it looks like they made the game a lot more friendly. With all that being said i’ve got some questions hopefully you all can answer them!

~Orendi build? She’s the character i’m starting with. I’m almost through the campaign having a blast with her immensely. I read up some older builds but I haven’t seen any new ones post winter update. I’m still going to try and enjoy her despite bounce being gone. so yeah. any tips on how to build her helix?

~Banning feature? I get what a pick and ban system is. Is there any mode or search for pvp that doesn’t feature this system? Because if I have to deal with it I might as well run story mode as a few other characters first that way I don’t get screwed the moment someone bans or insta picks her.

~Can someone explain the chaos game mode to me?

~Other characters? Is there anyone you’d recommend i’d try next since I really like Orendi?

~is the season pass worth grabbing? I want more coop besides story mode. and i’m unsure what these raids are that people speak of or if i’ve even the capability to play them without the pass.

~any tips? Really just any general tips or character specific ones would be nice. I plan on sticking with this game so i’d like as much info as possible.

Thanks in advance!~


Usually you can’t have more than one of a certain character on the same team. Chaos Rumble allows multiple of the same character. EG the other day one team showed up with three Beatrix players.

The released story ops (DLC) so far are: Attikus & Thrall Rebellion, Toby’s Friendship Raid, and Oscar Mike v. Battle School. Each one is a bit different, somewhat shorter than any of the campaign missions, and have an interesting levelling and reward mechanic based on Ops Points. You get 5 of these each time you complete a story op (to a maximum of 50) and there are another 50 available through loot boxes and challenges each time you play. More Ops = higher difficulty. There are two skins and a special loot pack as rewards when you hit a certain number of ops points.

I’d suggest you play some campaign first. If you like it, the season pass gets you all five DLC for the price of four. Also, you’ll acquire more gear through campaign and story ops (as well as levelling up each character to unlock their mutations) which carries over into PvP modes.

I’ll let someone else chime in on the other points.


I appreciate the quick response. thanks much ^-^

…Definitely Shane.
Use her boomerangs as your primary, she’s fast, deadly and has stealth plus an awesome over shield.


Shane was another character I was actually strongly interested in when I was first looking into battleborn!
thanks for your input~

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I also heard that marquis is good for those that are new to the game

@epicender584 could probably help more here but for me
is there stealth? if yes, r1 if no, l1. r2, l3 or r3 depends on your style, 4r, 5 i usually go l with a CD reduction item that has increased reduction with both skills on cd, l6, l7, l8, l9, m10

I think there is only the chaos rumble and quick match ques on comp, no? if so, chaos rumble would be the one without draft until they go back to the quick match/incursion ques. chaos rumble is just a mode they bring out when a new character is released so everyone can try them without being locked out because someone else piked them first.

Ernest is spammy like Orendi, Alani has a lot of focus on her skills like Orendi and once she hits lvl 7, can use GwtF can rotate her skills pretty often, but she was recently nerfed. both of these are DLC, so would have to have the season pass or be unlocked. A non-dlc character yo might like that plays kind of like Orendi might be Caldarius. recently buffed, highly mobile jumpy character like Orendi, he has a longer blind and fast basic like her as well.

yes. all 5 ops and all 5 characters for the season pass. otherwise they’re 47.5k credits each and the ops are each 5$.

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Truly? he is a sniper though. Wouldn’t think him to be easy to pick up.

Orendi is pretty unique but I think you might also like Alani or Deande. I apologize, I would try to answer everything I could in a massive post but I’m really tired.

My biggest tip is that this game really explains itself over time just through playing it. Experience is the best teacher in this game. You learn what helixes you like in what situations and what each character’s bread and butter is, and in so doing, you learn what gear to use on them.

More general advice, a big one: Flawed gear isn’t necessarily bad. I’m a PvE player and I keep a Sketchy Easy Money (+~2 shards per sec, -~13% healing power) around for Oscar Mike’s new Op because that Op has few shards and no clusters. Because of the flaw that makes healing less potent, it reduces the cost of activation, which since it’s a white rarity means the cost to activate is 0, meaning free shards right off the bat. It makes a world of difference.

PvE advice: Once you’re comfortable with your skills, I say you should play Advanced Chapter 2 to try to make a Veil Manipulator drop. It has great all-around utility for PvE play and I use it as my first item on most builds. Playing with Hardcore enabled doesn’t make the game more difficult, just less forgiving, and general consensus from what I’ve read is that it increases drop rates.

Regardless, welcome to the fight. You were Born for this.™ :wink:

Edit: Damn you Autocorrect.

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All the lvl 5’s tend to pick thorn or marquis cause they think it’s like CoD, and they’re all terrible :frowning:

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Thank you! Good to know I won’t have to be stuck with the draft stuff.


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I really appreciate the advice even if it is tired advice aha~
I’ll deff give that a go once i’ve beaten story. So far the only mission that’s annoyed me was fighting the sanctuary. I died way more times than i’d like to admit.

Just saying, my friend picked up the game a few days ago and he liked marquis.

That’s also true. Most of the CoD players pick Oscar Mike and Marquis. I’m not sure about whiskey tho

I’d say there is some merit there then. A friend of mine played him when I was watching him play battleborn. My friend isn’t bad by any stretch but he’s not really good at multi tasking or anything like that. prefers the simpler way to play. and he was doing well as him so you guys are probably right.

You can only get better. Don’t let it discourage you.
Pre-emptively I would like to warn you about the boss arena of chapter 8. The bosses aren’t the problem there. Gravity is. Don’t fight anything on the middle platform if you can help it.
For PvE Orendi, prioritize helix choices that give you more cooldowns, and always pick Prognosticombo. As far as other helixes go, just don’t pick Pillarstorm for PvE. It’s a PvP mutation, and while it is great in PvP, it does nothing in PvE.
Orendi likes cooldowns and skill damage. I also suggest the recently heavily buffed Firmware Update 1.51C for her. It drops from Arachnis/Geoff in chapter 1. You won’t remember what basic attacks even are if you have that on her.


Oscar Mike is probably the easiest character to pick up and just play. Marquis looks simple (just snipe!) although I’d argue he’s much more nuanced. If all you’ve ever played are CoD/BF style military shooters, anything that has a gun is going to look familiar (Montana!) Some of the others though…

yeah gravity got me twice during the sanctuary mission x .x
The setup that i’ve been running with her so far helix wise is: fire walk with me, dismissed, oh that reminds me, preamble of pain, prognostication, shadow fury, force of will, rapid deterioration, shadowfire storm, and rein of chaos. will keep that mission in mind!

Oh, and for farming her Secondary Attack lore, Isic in chapter one is extremely easy to critical. Could do that while farming Firmware. :wink:

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