New to battleborn here

I’d say there is some merit there then. A friend of mine played him when I was watching him play battleborn. My friend isn’t bad by any stretch but he’s not really good at multi tasking or anything like that. prefers the simpler way to play. and he was doing well as him so you guys are probably right.

You can only get better. Don’t let it discourage you.
Pre-emptively I would like to warn you about the boss arena of chapter 8. The bosses aren’t the problem there. Gravity is. Don’t fight anything on the middle platform if you can help it.
For PvE Orendi, prioritize helix choices that give you more cooldowns, and always pick Prognosticombo. As far as other helixes go, just don’t pick Pillarstorm for PvE. It’s a PvP mutation, and while it is great in PvP, it does nothing in PvE.
Orendi likes cooldowns and skill damage. I also suggest the recently heavily buffed Firmware Update 1.51C for her. It drops from Arachnis/Geoff in chapter 1. You won’t remember what basic attacks even are if you have that on her.


Oscar Mike is probably the easiest character to pick up and just play. Marquis looks simple (just snipe!) although I’d argue he’s much more nuanced. If all you’ve ever played are CoD/BF style military shooters, anything that has a gun is going to look familiar (Montana!) Some of the others though…

yeah gravity got me twice during the sanctuary mission x .x
The setup that i’ve been running with her so far helix wise is: fire walk with me, dismissed, oh that reminds me, preamble of pain, prognostication, shadow fury, force of will, rapid deterioration, shadowfire storm, and rein of chaos. will keep that mission in mind!

Oh, and for farming her Secondary Attack lore, Isic in chapter one is extremely easy to critical. Could do that while farming Firmware. :wink:

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First off:

Generally, Orendi benefits from picking as many reductions of cooldowns and bonuses to skill damage as possible. The faster you use her skills, the faster Pillar and Paradigm come back up and the nastier they get. She also benefits strongly from leveling fast since she has strong helixes at every level and an awesome level 10; get cheap gear, 0 cost if you can swing it (white, with a drawback you don’t care about, like -healing power or -reload), and spend all your shards on building things to level up faster.

Picks and bans only exist in draft. I would strongly recommend you not go into draft until you’re experienced at the game, as it wants you to understand each Battleborn and their synergies with each other. In addition, everyone I know considers it the competitive queue, and it’s where you’ll run into the highest number of premade 5 mans.

Chaos has open mic between both teams, and no limit on characters so that multiple copies of anyone can be run on the same team. It also lets you select a game mode randomly when you start from Meltdown, Capture, Faceoff, and Incursion, making it less boring for most.

Most general tips I could give you are in the two threads I linked above. If you want specific character advice, ask and I will attempt to answer, so long as it’s not Thorn or Boldur (in the case of the former, I will instead refer you to @AncientBelgareth, the preeminent Thorn).


I appreciate this. however I already have that done d: I just need to knock 1-2 more guys into my pillars and get a handful of multikills with the pillar and then she’s got all her lore challenges done.

Thanks for the links! will look into them later today when I have the time to sit down and absorb it better.
I didn’t see the distinction between the options for pvp. I just saw it as a thing above story mode. I have to actually select draft mode in order to run into the pick and ban? it’s not just slapped on all of pvp from what another guy said. which is good.

Really I just would like a good helix build since it got shuffled and bounce was removed.

You’re well on your way then. :relieved:
As I said, I’m a PvE player, so that’s about all I can give advice on. If you ever need advice there, just ask. Otherwise, I generally defer to the others here on the forums. They’re at least mostly good guys. :smirk: (I haven’t met anyone I really didn’t like yet)

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Will do! I’m running campaign solo right now. once i’ve beaten it I might open it up to other players. kind of just want to get as much exp as i can and not get carried immediately you know?

I respect that more than you know. :blush:
I would offer a hand if you needed it in game but I’m afraid our platforms are Capulets and Montagues. I’m sure there are others who will offer their ID’s if you need people to play with.

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Aha I have 2 friends who own the game. Hopefully I can drag them back like I do with any other game I ever play (; So i’m sure i’ll be fine. I just want to get all of orendi’s unlocks first and farm those 2 drops. Then i’ll pick up some new people to play. I don’t imagine i’ll be touching pvp till at least this weekend.

Not just because I want a decent grip on the game first but also because I’ve got obligations on other games too~

Can do.

Level 1: Burned and Busted (right) if there is either more than one of Oscar Mike/Shayne/Deande, or they have any Pendles, as stealing their cloak takes away their main defensive mechanism. Otherwise, Fire Walk With Me (left).

Level 2: I Hate Your Pretty Eyes (right). Blind is always useful and it’s very easy to accidentally push people out of your own pillars with the other option.

Level 3: I would recommend Oh That reminds Me (right) for beginners, as the Blind + shield recharge combo is very strong and often saves newer Orendis. Cadence (left) is the stronger mechanical choice but is dependent on having a strong, active support since you have no way of defending yourself anymore.

Level 4: Preamble of Pain (left). The damage scales with level, the tick will often kill fleeing, weak enemies by itself, and casting two pillars takes longer. This is the better choice.

Level 5: renaissance (center mutation). You probably won’t have unlocked this yet, but when you do, it reduces Paradigm’s cooldown by 5 seconds every time you use Nullify. Paradigm is your nuke; you want it as strong and as often as possible.

Level 6: Shadowfury (right). More damage is better.

Level 7: Force of Will (left). More damage is better.

Level 8: rapid Deterioration (Left). Less cooldown time means cycling Pillar and Paradigm faster, and more damage in the long run.

Level 9: Shadowfire Storm (Left). Less cooldown more damage, ecetera ecetera.

Level 10: Pillarstorm (center mutation). You definitely won’t have this yet, so you’ll probably have to take reign of Chaos (right) for awhile, but when you unlock Pillarstorm, take it. This is blatantly, overwhelmingly, the best helix in the game, and the deadliest player-killer out there. More games are won and lost on Pillarstorm’s back than anything else. You want this. As a side note, it’s useless in PvE, so just take reign there instead.


If you like Orendi, give Montana a go around. The height difference will blow your mind!

In all seriousness, Orendi is the game’s resident Black Mage, so anything that reduces cool downs and buffs skill damage is your friend. By the way, the 50% cooldown reduction on story missions, nice huh? I almost feel bad for the AI when I play Orendi.

I personally only used Let’s Bounce once, and decided I got into too much trouble with it and opted for Oh That Reminds Me. My favorite path goes: 1L - 2L- 3L (M if you’re feeling kinky) - 4R - 5M ( L if you don’t have it / in PvP) - 6R - 7L - 8R - 9L - 10R (M if you’re in PvP, obviously)

As far as gear goes, again anything with cools down deduction, skill damage, or attack speed will suffice. I also run some damage reduction on her, because she’s squishy and I solo a lot. You’ll like her legendary tho, I won’t spoil the surprise.

What platform are you on, by the way?

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The only mutation I don’t have for her yet is the final one for her nuke. But the build you suggested is basically the one I run already. except I have dismissed on since pve, rein of chaos, and prognostication. Someone else recommended prognosticombo but for pve so i’ll try that. But thanks for the build! i’ll give this ago when I hop into pvp.

Yeah I hadn’t even gotten to use bounce and i’m just as heart broken as all the other orendi players. All that potential just gone now. also i’ve heard conflicting stuff about attack speed for orendi. is it really that helpful? i’m on xbox one.

In my eyes, not much. Her damage is in abilities, not basic attacks.

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All your questions are probably answered by now. I just wanted to say, Welcome to Battleborn!

In pvp, just be prepared to lose a lot against more experienced players. It will take you quite some time to get really familiar with the mode and your main characters specially in Incursion.

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I’m on Xbox too, three guesses what my screen name is.

Attack speed is nice, but it’s tertiary since she’s a bomb dropping mudda fugga first, and a fireball thrower like, maybe third or fourth.

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thank you! even if they have been i’d still value your perspective if you feel up to giving it~ I tend to obsess over things i’m into. So any and all information and opinion are very welcome.
I’d honestly be surprised if I didn’t get my butt kicked. I’ll actually welcome it. it’s been awhile since any kind of fps has been hard for me. except overwatch. i’m only some what alright at it.
Mainly i’m interested in battleborn because I tried my hand at smite which has open the door to me for games like these.

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