New to battleborn

I bought the game on sale and it’ll arrive either this week or the next so I have a feww questions:
1-How’s the community on PS4?
2-Is this game sort of a MOBA? Does it take a lot of time to “git gud”?
3-Should I buy the Handsome Collection when it goes on sale again?

  1. Just fine. :slight_smile: I solo q on there with little wait time for matches.

  2. Yes. Knowledge is a huge asset in this game, so until you understand a character, you will get wrecked by them. I highly recommend reading guides/playing pve till you understand the basics of most of the cast.

  3. I’d like to get HC someday, but BB is currently taking all my money. I still havent finished tps, and havent played much bl2 since bb came out. different strokes.

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Playing PvE, doing the tutorial, entering the dojo, and taking on some AI in Bots Battle are all solid ways to become familiar with the various characters and gameplay mechanics. Each offers a different speed and style of play too, so you should be able to find something that fits what you’re looking for.

Welcome to Battleborn! :slight_smile:

  1. It’s relatively well, seemingly the “healthiest” Battleborn community in terms of raw numbers.

  2. Yes, sort of-ish. It’s MOBA-esque but not a fully blown MOBA. I’m not a MOBA player myself so I’ll let someone else expand on this further.

As far as getting better at the game goes; Battleborn may have one of the highest learning curves of games you can find outside of other MOBAs and RTSs. You primarily need to be patient.

Beyond that;

  • Do PvE first. All too many new players go straight into PvP only to get stomped straight away. Doing PvE will help you grasp the different characters in a relatively relaxed environment and understand the game’s economy.

  • Try to think of what the characters excel at. This may be difficult at first, but you’re certain to grasp the roles of the characters if you stick with it. The reason why I’m mentioning this is because a lot of new players don’t suceed with a character because they’re not playing the character’s role.

Two examples would be Miko and ISIC.

Miko’s an excellent healer, but is often used as a damage dealing character with self-healing properties. And for the most part, such a playstyle is not beneficial to the Miko or the rest of the team.

As for ISIC, he’s deceivingly labeled as a Tank, and everything somewhat indicates that he’s a tank. A large body, a decent health pool, a deployable shield and wards which shield him. But he’s too weak to be played as a proper tank. Instead, he’s great at dishing out damage as a sniper character from the backlines.

This is why it can be important to look at the game’s labels or potentially beyond them.

  • Don’t stress over gear at the start. Try to primarily understand the character’s fundemental approaches before trying to min-max loadouts. I myself would suggest survivability loadouts at first as they’re universal and benefits all characters. This would include stats such as increased max health, increased shield capacity, health reeneration and damage reduction.
  1. As cliché as this may sound, you should get it if it peaks your interest. No reason to get it otherwise. I love it myself and could highly recommend it, but I have no clue whether it’d be of interest to you.
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The community is friendly for the most part. There are a few toxic players here and there, but they are already well known for being this way.

Visit the forums often whenever you need help or have questions. There are more friendly and helpful people around here than I can count.

  1. Can’t speak to PS4, I’m on Xbox.

  2. The first few games I played, even PvE, I wanted to throw my disc out the window. Battleborn drops you into some pretty tough gameplay right off the bat (even Episode 1 is pretty tough the first few times). Be patient and find a character that suits you. You WILL die, and you’ll probably fail a mission or two or get stomped in PvP until you find a decent team or make some friends to play with.

  3. I highly recommend the Handsome Collection. It’s a great jumping on point if you haven’t played any Borderlands games, though I started with Tales from the Borderlands myself. I also highly recommend Tales if you find you enjoy the storyline and characters of the Borderlands universe in The Handsome Collection.

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The thing I’m afraid is that the playerbase is too low. It seems small bud very dedicated, unlike Loadout which is deserted.
But I love Gearbox games so this game was a must for me, only got it now because I recently got my PS4.

You’re certainly going to find dedicated players here on the forums who are willing to help, so never be aftaid to ask!

I’m taking a break from Battleborn myself at the moment, but you can add me anytime on the PS4 if you’d like. I’d be glad to help in-game or just answer more questions you may have :thumbsup:

My advice to you is to AVOID @HandsomeCam; he thinks he’s Toby…

There’s also this FilthyLittleGod weirdo who will try like REALLY, weirdly hard to be your friend!

What a nutter!


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