New to BL2 need some advice

Hi there!

I played the first borderlands to death and still love it, but i recently bought BL2 with all dlc and all headhunter packs.

I have looked up advice on what levels to play the dlc but i am wondering if i should leave the dlc and HH packs alone until uvhm.
Playing them on normal would surely make me horribly over leveled (i am on normal mode currently and almost to the end of Captain Scarlett and already feel untouchable in the main game)

So yeah, dlc in uvhm only? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

BL2 have enough content that yo probably won’t feel need to play DLC for some time.
But the thing is that entering TVHM enemies are up to lvl36, so if you’re below that level after you finish normal vault hunter mode then you have some room for exp to fill, so that’s the opportunity to play some DLCs.

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Thanks, that’s really helpful to know the enemy levels at the beginning of tvhm. Do you know what level enemies are at the beginning of uvhm?

UVHM scales to character’s level. But there is a problem -there is jump in stats all across boards above lvl50, which means that lvl50 gear becomes quickly outdated, so it’s strongly adviced to begin UVHM at lvl50.

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Thanks, i appreciate your help!

[quote=“mlociks, post:4, topic:1558398, full:true”] it’s strongly adviced to begin UVHM at lvl50.
Really? I’ve always been told not to start UVHM until around level 52.

When I first ran through BL2 I didn’t touch the DLC until after I finished the story in UVHM. I just used side missions to get levels if I needed a few levels (finished NVHM at around level 38, and TVHM at around 53), but that’s just me. The scaling in UVHM is where the problem lies. You’ll be farming for new gear a lot. I suggest running through the “How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day” Headhunter pack as soon as you start UVHM, so you can farm Marcus’s train at the end of it (you’ll have to kill the main boss every run, but you don’t have to save/quit, you can fast travel out, and back in, and he’ll be ready to fight again), and those will scale with you (you know, because they’re chests) as you level up through UVHM, so you’ll have a constant farming source for new gear when you need it. As far as playing the DLC in NVHM, and TVHM that’s your call. If you need a few levels before starting the next play through then running through one, or two may be a good idea, but otherwise you should be able to get by with doing side quests for xp. Sorry if this is a little long, just trying to help you out. :grin:


Depending on which level you are when entering TVHM, the game will adjust the enemies level a little. It’s not like in UVHM, where enemies scale to your level, but a little… Just to make the transition a bit more balanced.

Doing all missions in vanilla, and all dlc’s and HH’s will send you above level 40, and it will ruin your TVHM experience. It actually ruins your dlc experience in NVHM as well. Waiting until after TVHM main story is finished, is better, but not optimal. The benefits are that the enemies and missions scale to level 50, and you only level up to around level 54.ish. The downside to this is that now all your guns and gear are max level 50, and you enter UVHM at level 54. This is a brutal wake up call for many players, since even the top tier guns will start to fall behind.

If you have guns stashed away, that are on par with your level, then this is not a problem. You just use Clappy’s secret stash in Clappy’s Hideout and switch them, or you tough it out, and wait until you get to Sanctuary. If this is the first time you play UVHM, then you need to make do with what you have.

So, to sum it up… if this is the first time you play the game, and therefore also the first time for UVHM, then I strongly recommend that you leave the dlc material alone until you get to UVHM. You can start the dlc’s right away when you enter UVHM.

If you have access to gear at around level 54, then you can do the dlc’s in TVHM. As for NVHM… One or two dlc’s is OK, but you’ll be a bit OP in the early stages of TVHM.

Man, that was long winded… I think I need a beer now! :beer:


Not long winded at all, i really appreciate the help! thank you so much :smiley:

Great tip about farming the train also!

Thank you, i appreciate the time to help me out, go get your beer, i’m gonna go kill stuff!

Appreciate the explanation about transitioning to the different modes, helps a lot :smiley:

What Ronnie said. Including the beer.
Also, I highly recommend you get proficient with slag in TVHM. The transition from True to UVHM can be jarring ( as in, it’s a lot more difficult ) and you need to slag in UVHM.

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Thanks, i’m playing as Maya and i guess when i get to her skill Ruin, that’ll help some


You’ve probably already seen this, but in case you haven’t here’s Vaulthunter101’s excellent new player guide.

My standard system is to play through the main game, at which point the character is at level 30 (I do a lot of side quests but not all - as a new player definitely try them out and see which ones you like!). Then I do one DLC to go from 30-35, then do TVHM taking great care to end at exactly 50 for reasons already explained.

Once you hit UVHM, you finally have some freedom to do whatever you want. Just be careful not to accept quests where you’ll want the reward at level 72 (there are two such quests in the Scarlett DLC, one of which is a main story quest). You may also encounter boss fights that are too difficult to complete with less than great gear on a first character - my Maya got roadblocked by both Motor Momma and the end boss in the Hammerlock DLC on her first try in the low 50s.

So, you have room in your xp budget for one DLC before UVHM, what should it be? Sounds like you’re already deep in Scarlett’s, so this is more for optimizing future characters. If you favor Scarlett or Torgue, use those to start TVHM since in NVHM they cap at level 30. Hammerlock and Tiny Tina go to 35 in NVHM so either mode is fine for those. The two that would offer longer-term advantage would be Torgue, where you accumulate Torgue tokens you can later spend when you do the DLC again in UVHM (an easy way to get Torgue legendary weapons), or Tiny Tina. There’s a raid boss fight after you complete that DLC that’s the best eridium farm in the game, so if you complete the DLC in NVHM, then come back at level 72, you’ve got quick and easy eridium to finish your ammo stockpiles, etc.

Indeed it will. :slight_smile: Cloud Kill and Ruin will make leveling a breeze until UVHM, and pretty straightforward even then. You probably will want a backup slag source when you start UVHM, typically a grenade like a bouncing betty or transfusion.


I played all DLC’s after I finished all side and main quests of normal BL2 and was totally cool with everything, so after I finished main game I was about lvl 32, and after I finished all DLC’s I was about 37-40 I think. And I’d say that’s a good and clean start on TVHM because it’s easier in the beginning and I don’t like too hard challenges ;D

Also, as people before me said, as for what to play first, I’d go with
Scarlett and her booty, Torgue, Hammerlock and Tina

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Some really great advice here, thank you so much!
I know it can be frustrating with newbs as the info is out there, but really i only found levels that they start/end, not advice like i’m getting now.

I am really grateful for you taking the time to explain stuff.

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Yeah, i don’t like it super hard but my problem is that the main quest is a level 15 and i’m almost at 22 and finding it boring where it’s too easy, it’s a fine line i guess.

Oh yeah, I feel you. Best type for me is 2-4 lvls higher, that’s when I feel safe. Tho it depends on the game? And how you play. I played BL2 with a friend, I was Zer0, she was Maya and that’s how i got through main and DLC’s and now I’m solo Zer0 TVHM. But maybe you’re right, I do feel like it’s pretty easy now when I’m always juust a bit too high lvl for enemies I encounter, everything is too smooth.

Last week I finished The Pre-Sequel for the first time, solo Wilhelm. And since like middle game it was just too easy. Is Wilhelm OP in Pre-Sequel? Maybe? Probably? I was always the same lvl or just one lvl higher than main quest (which in BL2 I always was like 3-5 lvls higher because of all side quests) and it was certainly harder than being the same lvl in Pre-Sequel. But maybe it’s just Wilhelm bc I played Nisha earlier and Nisha is just Extra™ squishy and dies like a fly, especially early in the game (but it’s probably just me).

But back to the topic, maybe someone earlier was right, that you should do one/two DLC and play TVHM, since now when im on TVHM it’s juuust a bit too easy. But buying the game I didn’t thought I would even play TVHM so I wasn’t really thinking about my Zer0 and his future in the game ;D

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Yeah, i think i’m gonna play main quest first then jump into a dlc as long as i’m around level 30-32 ish.

To be perfectly honest, i never play games on hard mode as i prefer the journey/story and i hate to die lol, but i’m ok to try all modes in BL2 … i have digistruct peak also so i’m sure that’ll test me :wink:

One thing I’ve not seen mentioned is the suggested starting levels for the 4 main dlc. Capt Scarlet and Mr Torgue the suggested starting level is 15, while for Tiny Tina and Sir Hammerlock the suggested starting level is 30. As for my self I’ve only ever done the Capt Scarlet and Mr Torgue dlc in normal and the only dlc I did in TVHM was Tiny Tina, and even that was only with Axton- for all other dlc and characters I waited until I reached UVHM…


You can do it in all modes, but it doesn’t get hard until you start unlocking the OP levels.

The playable characters doesn’t really start to shine until you reach mid UVHM. The reason for this is that you have more skill points to spend, and therefore more variety to your character. They can get pretty strong early on, at the cost of something else. Survivability, usually. It’s a huge difference between leveling up a character all the way through the modes, and starting a fresh playthrough at lvl 72 with some really nice gear. Keep that in mind! :wink:

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