New to BL3, confused about this

I loved BL2. Played it waaaay to long, then with Unofficial Community Patch and other good mods even longer.
As usual, I waited on purchasing BL3 until it went on sale and some of the bugs could be ironed out. I readied myself for a much less engaging story and generally less charismatic environment, but I am really confused at the state of this game 1 year after release. Am I correct in seeing

  • these “item scores” are still utterly misleading?
  • sniper rifles hurt much less than pistols? (I loved Zero and sniping with everyone in BL2)
  • no loot filter amongst 67 bajillion guns, but like BL2 of those 66,999,999,999,987,278,144 of them are garbage?
  • the interface is actually even clunkier than BL2?
    Just from the first couple of hours of looking around. Just wondering what the chances are of getting any of this fixed. It doesn’t seem, just looking at these forums, that gearbox has much of an open ear. Or am I mistaken? Just wondering because soon my refund time will be up.
    Thanks in advance!

Chances arrn’t high considering its been like that for a year snipers could improve tho. I would say get a refund and check back between 6 months to a year.


They’ve never meant or done anything. Pointless addition imo.

Depends on the weapon and whether it got Gigabuffed over the past 6 months. Non DLC, non-legendary snipers should be better balanced vs pistols, but otherwise it’s a crapshoot.

No loot filter, and most guns won’t be worthwhile yes. You definitely still need to check one by one, or just get used to leaving most stuff on the ground.

Unfortunately yup. Hopefully there will be another optimization patch soon with the vertical split patch, but for the moment it is what it is.

Don’t get me wrong, BL3 is fun, but if you aren’t feeling it right now you may as well get a refund. I’d wait until the spring when the aftermath of next gen release plays out and there are more details on the second part of this season pass.


Item scores are there for casuals that just want to play the game for fun and too much worry about efficency, nor care about every single % bonus that might prevent them from killing a boss less than 5 secs, instead of 6 secs.

lol, the game itself is still being ironed out.


Depends. Mind you, sniper rifles have a higher inherent critical hit modifier than other weapons so even if a sniper has less damage on the card it’ll likely still outdamage that pistol.
On the other hand, snipers in this game are in a bit of a poor state and once you get into the end-game, only a small selection of legendary sniper rifles is actually viable (not that this is any different from Bl2).

I’m not looking too much at the card, just noticing that I kill stuff with anything other than a sniper rifle better than with a sniper rifle. Which is a shame.
Re: “item score” – I realize what the purpose is, what they are for – in fact, I consider myself a filthy casual and would have used them. My problem is that it is implemented in a garbage way: there is no piece of information on the item card as irrelevant as the “score”. Might as well use a RNG. Casuals who actually read that number are screwed. I don’t understand how that can still be in the game. But whatever.

Is there any indication that gearbox employees who have some sort of say frequent these boards? Or is there no interest and point in giving feedback here?


They do. They take what we say and do the exact opposite.


The item score sorts the worth of a gun, however generic the scoring may be. I find it useful for that alone. It helps me work out pretty reliably what stuff has Anointments and what doesn’t. It falls down in the endgame; it tracks non-Legendaries pretty well throughout normal and / or non-Mayhem play.

But even if I didn’t rate it at all, there are a bunch of other sort filters to apply. I normally do Type or Rarity. The former for the stash, and the latter for my inventory. Definitely needs work though (especially the stash).

From what I’ve heard they do read through here occasionally but I doubt much makes it through if anything at all. Most of what you listed people have been complaining about for over a year so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for changes. They’ve made huge progress with the game since launch but so many things were just left and forgotten *cough *cough split screen lag and font size

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Devs don’t post often, but the community manager noelle_gbx is very responsive with forwarding feedback to the devs. I know I’ve seen a few things I’ve reported and suggested be addressed, even if the manner or timeframe in which they were addressed left something to be desired, so I can’t say they don’t listen.

Realistically speaking though, you should expect that it will take awhile to have your complaints addressed. No one thing anyone has reported here has been a “fix this by next week” type of priority, so some polite but firm persistence will be in order. If it doesn’t bug you that much, or you don’t want to spend that much time and effort on a game forum, then it would probably be best not to bother.

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I don’t think it ever can be. BL3 is full of uniquely fun guns, and measuring their worth to some number is very reductive. Especially with how fun it is to switch from gun to gun leveling up.

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Get a refund then get the game on sale once the true ultimate edition comes out with all dlc ever no new dlc coming out and wait till it goes on sale for $13 not joking there are other games out there and like they say time is money


IIRC, in BL2 there was a buff bar, has that been removed or are my buffs just hard to see?
I invested a few points in some “hunter skills”, which give buffs after killing or shooting an enemy, yet I cannot see them activate anywhere (in my HUD). Am I missing the obvious?

All of them except for Psycho Head should show up on your XP bar.

Is refund really possible? I thought most games are non-refundable because they are software you install in PC?

I play on console one of the bonuses mind you steam has a refund policy not sure about epic tbh never use them