New to BL3 - Is Loot Broken?

Greetings all – Just got BL3 Super Deluxe after playing Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, BL2 with all DLC and Pre Sequel. I am only level 8 on Borderlands 3 and legendaries are dropping every few minutes in this game. Am I missing something?

This totally takes the excitement away from loot drops as it is literally just playing “sort the legendaries” in your backpack. Please tell me this isn’t how this game really is because when good loot dropped in the other games, it was exciting. Now, the excitement is already waning…

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There is an event in the game right now so it may be impacting slightly on the drops, but in general legendary world drops are very common.

That is really unfortunate as sorting through legendary drops every few minutes really dampens the excitement of loot in a… loot based shooter game. I would normally not complain about cool guns and loot but it’s like a cheat code is on.

Yup, I feel ya. But sadly that’s the way this game works. And as soon as you’re max lvl you will see why that is.

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Correct me if I am wrong but it seems like the first play through is nothing more than a stepping stone to the “real” game and all these Legendaries will be worthless any way as I level :slight_smile:

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Pretty much yes.