New to bordelands

hi im new to borderlands I am using axton hes level 12 none of the other looked interesting haha so go easy on the newbie never played this before and im finding it hard anyone got tips on what guns are good?

You can find a lot of good stuff for Axton on the forum : discussion about builds, guns, skills, etc … Most have been centralized in this topic :


Welcome to the forums and Borderlands.
Like Sixel posted , thats usually the best place to start.
If you get into the game though you’ll soon find out that all the characters are great to play , as they all have unique skills and builds.
In fact the same character can play completely differently depending on gear and build.
I started off on Axton many moons ago , then Gaige , then Krieg , and now Maya ( I have 2 at OP8).
I’ve also recently started my first Zero even though I didnt think I would ever use a melee guy(not that he’s only melee).
Good luck.
And don’t worry about asking for help here.


You’ve already got the Axton community guide, which has all sorts of resources for that specific character. Here’s something to help you through the rest of the game:

Have fun!


thank you guys for the help ill give them a read


Pleased to meet ya, mate! :smiley:

Axton is a great character to start with. He’s pretty straightforward, and has good survivability skills. My advice to new players is for them to try things out on their own first. NVHM (Normal Vault Hunter Mode) is pretty forgiving, and it’s the best mode for experimenting. Don’t get hung up on getting Top Gear at this stage. That’s for UVHM and OP levels.

If you get stuck at some point, there’s a lot of cool people here, who can offer good advice. Don’t be afraid to ask! :wink: