New to borderlands and just looking to play with people!

What’s going on vault hunters. I’m relatively new to borderlands and was interested in just playing with people. Nothing really specific, just want to have fun and experience the game with people who may know a little bit more about the game than I do. I’m pretty much up for whatever, farming, bosses, etc.

I’m a level 43 gunzerker. I just finished everything on normal mode including the dlcs. I’m going to start TVHM and see how that goes. Send me a message if you want to play my GT is foshodydody91. Happy looting!

im halfway through tvhm, but its my first time playing borderlands. i work weekdays, but ill join ya if i see you on tonight. ive been looking for people to play with that will actually share some loot, lol. my gt is the same as above

Hey cool man. Thanks for the response. I don’t mind sharing loot. It would be really cool to level up faster but I’m not exactly sure how to do that besides playing through TVHM, UVHM, and so on. Seems like that would take a while. Anyways I added you. I’ll check to see if you’re on these next few days.