New to Borderlands looking for HELP!

Gt DHG Numbskull on XBox One. I’m looking for anyone who’s had the game and can teach Mr the ropes.

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Are you plain borderlands 2 or the prequel?

Borderlands 2

I can help ft- Attacklama11

sounds like you have finished NVHM and are ready for TVHM, which you can access by clicking on your toon in the menu screen and it should give you choices for 2 playthrough modes, one Normal and one True, click true and you are ready to go through the story line again at a little more difficult level and better XP.

Reading through your post again, I see my manners have slipped (also eyesight is fading apparently, Would like to take this time to Thank You for your service and Hope you have a speedy recovery.

also, I do have the game for Xbox1 , but have not loaded it in and transferred my saves from the 360, been playing Fallout 4 for now, I play between 9pm and 12:30am EST everynight, should have Borderlands 2 and BL TPS setup and ready to play in a couple weeks, if the times work for you I would be Happy to help out and play through the games

Lunatic thanks for the reply. I was on normal and started TVHM last night. I’m on UVHM now and ranking up a lot faster. I’m usually on and will be for the foreseeable future, little breaks here and there and physical therapy 2 a week I’m stuck right here lol video games & tv are my options of entertainment, so when you get your Xbox one up & running send me a msg on live if you want.

I can’t seem to find you on Xbox one

Send me an invite!? Gt InsigniaVertigo

Would love to help would have added you but away from Xbox at the moment shoot me a friend request gt: TacticalChingon