New to borderlands series need help

Hi guys, need a bit of help here. I started the pre sequel on the handsome colletion, I was playing the campaign and got to the point where Maxxi tried killing Jack and myself. Anyway, i got curious on what the online content is, so i joined a matchmaking which i think is the last boss (The sentinel). Anyway, after defeating the final boss, jump out of the game and tried to continue what I left behind in the campaign, I lost my save files, now its telling me I have completed the game. I am on level 25, I have unlocked Vault hunter something and I dont know what to do now. Is there anything else to do after defeating the final boss or should i start on borderlands 2? Thanks alot and sorry for my grammar. English is my 2nd language. Thanks!!!

When you’re at the main game menu, choose whichever button or key is indicated to “Select Character” (‘Y’ on XB1). Select your character, and you’ll get a dialogue box asking which play-through; select Normal Vault Hunter Mode and then click the “Continue” option on the main menu.

Both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel have multiple play-throughs, with increased difficulty.

  1. Normal Vault Hunter Mode (NVHM) - levels 1-30
  2. True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM) - levels 31-50
  3. Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (UVHM) - levels 51-70 (72 in BL2)

You unlock each one by completing and handing in the final mission. Note that UVM can also be completely reset at any time so you can start right from the first mission.

All your gear, BAR ranks/perks, skill points, and XP carry between modes, and you can go back at any time to an earlier mode and complete stuff you didn’t do yet using the method I outlined above.



Just to add to this, Borderlands 2 also adds the Overpowered Levels system which allows you to take UVHM to an even higher level of difficulty :slight_smile: