New to "Digital" downloads, Help?

So, yeah; I’m new to this whole “Digital” thing, I usually get the physical copies of games, but I decided to get the Digital Deluxe Edition this time around. PS4 btw.

My issue is that the game information says that it’s a 16.3GB game, but during the pre-loading it’s saying that it’s downloading 4.531GB.
Is this normal? Where are the other ~11.8GB at? Will I have to download it at launch?

Yeah, I’m just confused since this is the first time I purchase a digital game (or do this whole “pre-load” thingy).

Any clarifications will be appreciated.

Is anybody else’s pre-load size 4.531GBs?

its ok just pre-load it dont worry

So it’s supposed to be 4.5GBs?

It will download the rest, I think that it is probably downloading the install. I have ps4 and haven’t had a phisical copy of a game since battlefield 4 which was actually a ps3 game. Its normal, after it dowloads it should then start installing and that is where you will see the 11gb or so.

This is how PS4 does it…they’ll let you download some assets ahead of time, but you have to wait until the day before launch to download the rest. This is in an effort to prevent some gamers from pulling spoilers and other game assets out early and YouTubing them. Rest assured, the rest of Battleborn should download sometime on the 2nd. (though you should check on the 2nd and manually choose to download the rest if it doesn’t start by noon or so…that’s usually not a problem, but it happened to me during my Bloodborne install for some reason. You’ll likely not have an issue, though.) :slight_smile:

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What typically happens with digital downloads is that it downloads some of the game (usually enough to play some of it like the first level or so) then downloads the rest in the background. Often times a game will say downloaded but if you check your system storage you will find that the game is still downloading. Checking system storage shows that I have battleborn downloaded with 16 gigs and shows complete so yeah, let it preload it should download it all for ya!

Iluspook is correct from what I understand. I started downloading last night and it was a 4g download, woke up to find another download for 11gb.

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That should be correct, yes.

Thanks for the replies guys, I think everything is going according to plan.
I’ll currently downloading the rest of those 11gbs now. No idea why it was split into 2 sections like that, but oh well.

It was split so none would mess around with the files and spoil the story for you. :slight_smile:

Files still should be encrypted anyways, at least that’s the way it is on Steam.

I’m all about digital downloading and the 4 gigs now and 11 gigs later had me confused too.