NEW to fl4k (not game) give me advise about certain enemies

holla thiccboyos recently been playing some m4 fl4k and i can not seem to deal with specific enemy type despite the fact that i have 53lvl transformer

and the award to the enemy i can not deal with goes to annointed tink/badass tinks generally (maliwan badass can be harsh too) now being zane or amara it is not quite hard to deal with those because 1. you have life steal and 2.well grasp and barrier need i say more.

however when i am on fl4k i have no options against annointed tink as he will teleport and whenever he goes into turret mode transformer can not tank the spray not even gamma burst heal bubble or rakk 7% health return can save you (too slow time wise, even if you prefire)

possible solutions for regular tinks and maliwan badasses i found is singularity nades will effectively deal with them. and ofv obviously fade away but who plays fade away without those god tier high pallet count jacobs shotties and invitations right?

so concerning i am not using fade away how do i actually fight annointed tink?<<<<

some people can not read

If you don’t use fade away, and use Gamma Burst then you can slot a red Fang with almost any modifiers just for those encounters. Your pet can tank em while you chip away at their health.

The anointed tinks have become my least favorite enemies (aside from engorged Rakks in the Cistern), but I run a Red Fang 100% of the time so I generally don’t have a huge issue with them killing me. Just a matter of slotting a strong Incendiary weapon with the Gamma Burst anointment (if I’m running pistols I use the Companion, SMGs I use the Night Hawkin, and rifles I use a Hail cause despite it’s annoying trajectory the ridiculous crit bonus usually means they go down almost instantaneously)

While I doubt this will help most of the time, I think your pet’s body actually blocks projectiles but it works best with spiderants. When I try to revive it while I’m down, I notice that as long as position myself behind it enemy bullets don’t seem to hit me. Of course, I have to be crouching which makes it impractical most of the time, but we’re talking about a Tink turret you may be able use this. If the pet goes down in front of the turret and you’re on flat ground, you may be able to use it as cover and unload.

Also, while the pet isn’t amazing for aggro, as long as you are VERY far away, enemies will still mostly focus on the pet, so you can have a bit more safety.

For anointed though, those tricks probably won’t work. If you have any kind of singularity, use it to toss them around so they don’t hit you. Also, ASE lifesteal anointments work wonders.

All this is assuming Rakk btw. If using Gamma, Red Fang solves everything.

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I use Fade Away on my good FL4K, and have gone through M4 Trials of Cunning many times now (still no Rakk Pakk :frowning: )
It comes down to prioritizing the enemies and working with my Fire Spiderant.
Weapons I use are a nice Fire Faisor with Lifesteal on ASE, Brainstormer to knock the rabble around, Creamer rocket for the Anointed/Badasses, and recently started using a Corrosive Roisen’s Thorn pistol (this thing is pretty nice).
Been using a Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair grenade with the 25% OGT anoint. This does a fair job softening the mobs.
I know your gamma burst build will be working totally different, but some of the weapons may help.
For me, after the mobs are toned down, while my pet is doing Aggro with the anointed or badass, I flank (Fadeaway really helps here) and do the Crit magic.

I run a Fade Away build with Not My Circus. It gives the taunt effect of the Red Fang but not for as long of a duration.

I don’t struggle too much with annointed enemies as much anymore, just smack em with a Recursion/Carrier/Wedding Invitation. They usually die pretty quick.

@Hexxusz0r My first question would be whether you are using the 2 extra elements on your shield and grenade. Assuming yes, with the anointed Tinks I usually just cast Rakks (or whatever to proc your anointments) and then Maggie them to death. The Maggie is really effective at dealing with the anointed Tinks. But yes they are hard to follow around with all of their teleporting.

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For anointed enemies i use a scoville. It shreds em all and if the tink shrinks he still gets hit. Or a q system so if they teleport you follow the bullets or shoot where he was to still hit. Just dont get too close with the scovile

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For the tinks one v one you’ll do good with a Maggie or a craps pistol, high pellet count torgue shotguns also work good with rakk attack builds because of megavore. When they are in groups the Brainstormer is perfect to melt them down while you worry about the other enemies. Another weapon that works great is the lob.
You mentioned a transformer shield which is a great shield but I prefer a stop gap or recharger shield when I play rakks, redsuit or sitorak with gammaburst which should have a Brainstormer or stagecoach to get gb back and anp shields with 3 shot fadeaway, stopgap or sitorak with Gitm the transformer is good but against the anointed absorbing 40% of bullets and being immune to shock means jack.

Where are you on Guardian ranks ? Once you unlock the 3rd skill in the Enforcer line , it’s called Overkill.

Get your highest DPS sniper , head shot some lower level mob and all that excess damage goes into your next shot on the annointed.

Also as mentioned above fire damage helps melt them quicker.

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Quasar to get them off their feet, then a couple shots from a lob will kill them. Easy peezy.