New to forums borderlands player since launch

Whats up to all.i hope I’m doing all this nonsense the right way here with all this forum posting stuff,I’ll admit I am not tech savvy by any means but I digress.i am writing because I’m new to this forums and have been a die hard borderlands,bl2,bltps,tftbl.i am looking for people to trade with or to compare and contrast some builds I have done over the many years of playing.ive been trying to get ahold of the more rare guns such as the bekah…twister etc.,and can’t seem to get a console player and I prefer to do it legit,but I have limited time to a father of three,one in which just started his first bl2 character,and a heavy equipment operator so I’m limited on time,if anyone wants to help me obtain the bekah,stinger,twister. …and a couple other please reply


Welcome to the forums. Like Disney for those of us hooked on loot and other Pandoran shenanigans. What platform are you on? There are online play/trading sections for all of the platforms, the PS4 section is under the Handsome Collection, maybe the most recent XBOX iteration as well. If you post that info we can probably find a mod to move you to the appropriate subsection, or you can create a new topic there before a mod gets a hold of this post.


Oh so post over there and get rid of this one?..

Oh and I’m on Xbox one

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If you create a new thread in another section a mod will probably close this one, I’m not entirely sure about deleting it yourself. It looks like the XBONE section will be under the Handsome collection.

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Yeah it’s kind of half looking for items and such but also some build ideas and just people to play on Xbox that are decent people

If you’re looking for trades and coop partners start a topic in that category (THC:xbox one) or just jump on a thread that’s already rolling. If you’re looking for other info (builds, gear, strategy, etc.) the section dedicated to whichever game you’re currently playing will have all of that. I spend most of my time here in the game specific sections.

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Thanks for your help man

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Anytime dude. Happy hunting.

Do play on xbox

A mod will move you over. No need to start a new thread. Welcome to the forum, by the way.

A good place to start is the XB trading post

and forum players

For other general inquiries, you might check the character-specifc threads or even the “daily” thread :

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Thanks man…I play on Xbox one…I found the bhc Xbox one forum deely

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Welcome to the Family!!