New to forums,old school bl2 player since launch

Hello to all. I am new to the forums but a borderlands player or all games since also a husband and father of three and a heads equipment operator so my time is limited to play the game.i am not a begginer by any means I just simply am at a distinct disadvantage to accuire the more rare but great guns(bekah,twister,stinger,omen)due to my lack of time to farm and people to play with. I play on lvl 72 only because I have no time to do the Digi runs for all of my characters.i also wanted to run some builds I have by the community to hear some feedback to further better my characters.i play on Xbox one and want to get them legit or by trade…my only op8 is zero and I’m willing to trade my cobra,lyuda or whatever op8 gear I have for lvl 72 rare guns