New to game and need help leveling

hey all new to game on PC need help leveling

Why would you need help right at the beginning?
It’s better if you get used to controls by yourself first and play around.

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Not on PC, so I can’t help with co-op. But you might find this useful:

I’d echo the advice not to rush to get to max level. It’s worth taking some time to see how your chosen character’s skills work as you gain levels through each tier. Power-levelling is more necessary on the 3rd play-through (UVHM) just because it can be a bit of a grind otherwise.

I remember playing Frag-Trap first.

Now that I played other chars I’d so not recommend him to start. Whilhelm, or The Baroness might be better, that and, of course, as many side missions as possible to get a bit of level advance on main missions.