New to game. Have some questions:

First of all, if this is not the place to ask questions, I would be grateful if someone would say on which subtopic it is best to ask. Thank you.

I will try to specify:

1.- What should be paid more attention to? The total score of the weapon, or the lvl which is required to carry the weapon? E.g. - You are lvl 8, have a weapon that is lvl 4 but its total score is 122, but has a lvl 7 weapon that is 115. Which is better? And in general, what to look for? (apart from the specifications of the individual weapons, but talking purely about these stats, and who really needs it in the game, if sometimes a lower level weapon is better anyway).

2.- The second question would be about legendarie (orange) loot pool guns. The question is very specific: Can bosses who throw only the legendary weapons assigned to them, can also drop other ones, or are they always drop just that one and the same legendarie?

3.- What to do if you have reached a high level during the game, but your early game legendarie weapon will be at a much lower level. But you still want to use it? Is it possible to refarm that weapon with a new one score?

4.- Is it worth buying weapons that appear in sales kiosks?

This is it for now. I will be grateful for the answers.

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Item score is pretty well bogus. Try out different brands/types of guns to see what you like until later on when legendaries start appearing.

  1. Score is useless, don’t look at it. Use the weapon instead to see how it performs.
  2. Base game bosses can drop every piece of loot that is in world drop pool (base game). DLC bosses can drop all world drop loot from that dlc and from base game.
  3. If you want it, just use it. It may be harder than using on level gun thou.
  4. I would say no overall. Unless it’s nice purple or legendary loot.

Overall, in normal playthrough just use whatever you can find. There is no need for farming bosses etc. Just have fun playing the game.


Hello GrzesPL,

Thank You for your time and response.

I watched some u tube videos, and there is actually some nice unique legend weapons early in the game like Bankrolled Predatory Lending, which shoots your money :). Better not missed that ones.

Also, as I understood, there will be something like “bank” later on the game, where I can put all the loot, if I’am not mistaken?

Yes, there is a lot of unique guns that can be acquired at the beginning (or any progress tbh) from named enemies (or missions), but if you will farm them, you may end up overleveled and the game will be too easy.

Yes, there is a bank for your gear, and you can buy more storage if needed (so maybe don’t use Lending smg too much :slight_smile:).

Minor spoiler…
Eventually, you will get off the first planet and find your bank.

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Thank you for tips.

Thank You. Is there any indication how many items you can store in there?

The total bank space goes up to 400 items eventually once you get all of the SDUs for it (buy those from Marcus once you get to Sanctuary).

While you’re still on normal mode, before completing the game and turning on Mayhem mode, most bosses will remain at the level they were when you first fought them. Therefore their loot will be underleveled if you go back.

However, a lot of the named enemies (i.e. Hammerlock hunt enemies, and Zero Targets, and ‘rare’ spawns), will level up with you. So you can go back and farm them and they will be on level. is a great resource for weapons/items and where to find them.

All bosses and most named enemies will have a dedicated loot pool. Meaning they will have a higher chance to drop that specific loot. A lot of those dedicated items are also in the world drop loot pool, meaning that it can also drop from anyone. Then there is the specific loot pool where certain items will ONLY drop from one specific enemy.

Again, is the defacto place to find what you are looking for loot wise.

Most definitely. If you find something in a vendor that’s better or higher level than what you have, go for it.

And lastly, as said above, you can effectively ignore the item score. I’ve never seen a use for it, and it doesn’t generally indicate whether a weapon is good or not. All it does is count up points for certain weapon parts.

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  1. My advice, try them on. Obviously a green rarity weapon is likely to be better than a white one and so on, I could never tell what the gear scores are based on. Also look out for different manufacturers, each have their own gimmick that could synergize well with your characters skills.

  2. World drops drop everywhere, dedicated drops come from specific enemies, and those specific enemies can drop either one.

  3. From my experience, any weapon usually doesn’t become viable if you outlevel it by around 8-10. A 65lv white rarity may sometimes be stronger than a 55lv legendary. But you’ll know for sure if you test it yourself. And yes, apart from at best a handful of weapon (the Bekah, per example), every one is re-farmable at any level.

  4. Yes. If you’re still leveling up it’s always worth checking out for blue or purple rarity weapons that may outperform your current gear. And a few months ago the game has made it possible to come across legendary gear, although it is rare.

  1. I will add this, because it was what I have done in all the games: Compare the key statistics on the weapon card:
    Damage, Accuracy, Fire Rate, Reload Speed and any special effects. Handling I understand to be speed of movement while wielding the weapon (my observation).

Those numbers give you a general sense of the difference between similar weapons with different parts.

Observing the way they actually perform when fired like firing patterns, unlisted extra rounds, bonus effects that are not listed on the card is very important.

  1. In previous games higher level enemies took less damage than what’s listed on lower level weapons so you have diminishing returns as you level up. Banking them to use on new characters or share with people you play with is the only benefit. You will not unlock the Bank until you reach level 8 roughly, so keeping weapons lower than that for yourself is counter productive because you will be overleveled by the time you access the bank and they won’t be as useful.

  2. Kiosks can provide on-level weapons of all rarities and are worthwhile farming, as they often provide very rare weapons and occasional legendaries.

Hey renfriend,

Thank you for link. Will check it out. By the way, is there any real advantage/need to playing the game in mayhem mode other than the challenge?

Hi Isthiswill,

Thank You for info.


Hi alex21px,

Thank You.


Mayhem mode scales all of the enemies up to your level without having to go into true vault hunter mode. It’s basically an end game mode so you can keep playing once you finish the campaign. It’s not entirely necessary, but it’s something to do.

Also note that mayhem mode will automatically turn itself on once you finish the last quest.

Edit: And the weapons scale up depending on the mayhem level. Higher the mayhem, more damage the guns that you find will do. And tankier enemies the higher you go.

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