New to game looking for help

Want someone to play with or help power level ADD me ps4 Slumpgod_8

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You’re playing 1? I would highly highly recommend that if you’ve never played this game that you absolutely do not for any reason power level a character. You would be cheating yourself out of an experience that you will never get back. I’d love to have never played this game and go back and do it again. Slow down and enjoy the ride. There’s so much going on in the mechanics of loot generation and rng. (Random number generation) and it’s fun an challenging to figure out how it all works together. This game is beautiful in its flaws. Its full of bugs and glitches but somehow is still awesome. I don’t play online atm but I’d be happy to help you with questions about weapon parts and skills etc. But do yourself a favor and just dive in. This is all basically still true of bl2…I’m not sure which you’re referring to but bl1 is my main squeeze


If youre still looking for someone to play with, add me @ Spidoli

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