New to game need advice

hey guys i’m new to the game got it on ps plus strugglin with salvador level 37 in the true vault hunter mode. I am using two pistols and it was fine before but seems hard now not sure where to put skill points help welcome


I recommend a close-up battle what you can’t afford to recover your shield with Moxxi in your left hand and Non JAKOBS pistol in your right hand with this. By completing the Rampage tree, you will be able to proceed with constant slaughter.
Its complete form is the combination of Grog Nozzle + DPUH and Rough Rider Shield wich Inconceivable creates an amazing DPS.


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For your salvador needs, listen to @kbk160008 he is one of the best sal players i have seen.


@kbk160008 thank you for the reply can I ask what is a dpuh?

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Post your build so we can see your skill point distribution. Showing your weapon/gear equipped would also help.


Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, it has a chance of dropping from Savage Lee in Three Horns Divide. He’s a psycho with some pelt on his back fighting Bullymongs. Here’s how to farm it :


Point-for-point exactly what I would suggest too. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks everyone, I can take screenshots on ps4, can I use them to show you my stuff? if so how?

More precisely, double penetrating unkempt harold. The variant fires 2x bullets.

Sal’s the last two skills in left and middle trees synergize. Massively. Get some procs piping hot. Cool down reduction + more damage.

Below is my (lvl80) build. When the level cap was lifted I pulled points out of all in the reflexes and huckleberry + 8 xtra points and threw them into lay waste, filled to the brim, bus and the left over points into t-rex. Since I main either shotties + fist|grog or dpuh and grog, and cheese pimperzerk when farming op10 gear, huckleberry isn’t as entertaining as lay waste+NKLO.

This build crushes everything with leg gunzerk, RR shield, lynch wood|bone|explosive relics. Keep a storm front or tina grenade handy to top health whilst wielding a moxxi weapon. Raid bosses are more easily downed with a neutral evil monk com, but even that depends. There are more fun builds centered on using orphanmaker and I recommend them if you want gameplay that benefits from careful aiming.

thanks for your reply, however being only level 37, a level 80 build doesn’t do me much good. thanks for taking the time to answer anyway.

Certainly, but that’s a build to work towards. Basically, his left and center trees make him quite powerful. Brawn isn’t overly needed until uvhm.

piping hot and get some synergize. more dps and cooldown on gunzerk while you gunzerk.