New to Gunzerking any useful tips and stratgies?

After playing with Zer0 for a hell of a long time i just started playing with the Gunzerker and was amazed about how many skills boost reload speed, fire rate, gun damage etc. just wanted to know what skills and builds yo focus on whiles leveling in normal mode. im level 16 currently and went down the gun lust tree due to the bonus of MoneyShot. I recently respeced my skill tree when I noticed how inconceivable and Money shot don’t work together. I found a green Titan COM which is the only one I have at the moment which boosts all out of bubblegum which is completely useless since im not going down that tree. Im basically using a slag shotgun(bandit) and a vladolf sniper rifle and don’t feel like going down the pistol route so basically gunzerking with those two whiles rushing at them. Any useful tips I should no about? Ive read lots of posts regarding gunzerking but most of it is way to over my head to understand since im just starting with the character.

My current strategy just involves me shooting enemies or when I run into a mob I rush them and as soon as shields hit zero I gunzerk like crazy until everyone’s dead.

Current Build Level 16

I think you’re getting the hang of it!

There’s quite a few useful resources linked in the pinned thread at the top of this section in the Community Salvador Guide I’d recommend taking a look at the detailed skill info posts, as well as the “Critical Damage While Gunzerking” and “Things That Don’t Work…” ones.


The usual advice for leveling Sal is to do the middle tree first and get your perma-zerk set up (Last Longer, Yippie Ki Yay, Get Some). An early point in Hard to Kill is always nice too. You don’t need the dps from Gunlust until UVHM so there’s no rush.

That sounds like more of a Claptrap approach than Sal to me. I always start a fight by gunzerking - having both hands firing is more important than that initial heal from triggering gunzerk, in my opinion.

Tips - having a slag Rubi for your off hand is nice. :slight_smile: The slag part is optional at this point. Hard to go wrong with a good shotgun for the main hand, though you might not always have one at the right level. I had a drought of shotguns in the 25-27 range, for example.


Well, you pretty much covered everything I wanted to say. :acmaffirmative:

I’ll leave you guys alone, OP is in good hands

The problem with the Gunzerker Community is some of the old forums have dead link domains, and the info is kind of old because of recent updates, patches etc unless nothing has changed

I’m aware of that. But there’s still a fair amount of useful info and some of the external links are recoverable (eg the YouTube links as I showed above). And a fair bit has been ported over or recreated. I think we’re sill waiting for some stuff from @Chuck80 though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: @Gulfwulf - the “Breakdown of Gun Damage” link to the old forums could be replaced by @Sljm’s TPS version (since it’s mostly the same) along with the splash damage guides.


Yeah will get one once I get to the Rakaholics anonymous mission.

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Thanks will check it out this weekend

Surveyors will be the bane of your existence unless you can find a weapon with a fixed firing pattern like the Flakker, Harold or Conference Call. Best bet is to wait until the take a head on approach to you and try to lead them into the hail of lead you throw downrange. Unless they’re the super/ultimate badass variety they have more shield health than physical health- a good shock weapon should take care of them. And as has been suggested a few points in Hard to Kill will help with the healing while you wait for your gunzerk to reset…

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