New to Homeworld Remastered

I’m learning homeworld remastered going through the tutorial if anyone would like to play multi-player with me and maybe teach me a little bit on how to play outside the tutorial come join my chat on twitch.

Streaming ON Twitch

Any game guides available that you like leave them here.

You can also join my team speak!
TeamSpeak3 Hi, Everyone! Check me out on Teamspeak at ! Mic & Maturity Required, Come hang out and voice chat with me!

Having fun, trying this game out.


Greetings & Welcome @Aufia!

Just a really quick note - we are SUPER CLOSE to releasing a huge patch for HW:RM - so much of what you see will change in various ways, big and small. I also expect the patch to cause a huge spike in MP players, for many reasons :wink:


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Wow thats awesome thanks for telling me that.

I’m having such a hard time with the controls on MAC maybe I should reset them, to my own custom keys. It still didn’t work in making a strike group, :octopus: so… :tea: “clicks around” :slight_smile: Still trying to get the hang of it!

Ah, if you’re on a Mac I can’t say when the update will happen - certainly after the PC build. We tackle the PC, Aspyr does the Mac - though maybe they’ll update their code to the patch fast, I haven’t any idea.

I get my PC back tuesday, so i can share the awesome sound in the game with my viewers :slight_smile: and not have to have an awful MAC pc to game on :wink: Will be easier for me! It’s been interesting trying to learn the controls in this game!