New to Krieg, how do I make the shiniest meat bicycle?

I am not sure what skills to go for first, I hear talk about Melee Krieg, and Hellborn Krieg but don’t know what to do


Do you like shooting things, hitting this with a buzzaxe, or setting things on fire?

It’s really up to you - NVHM is pretty forgiving in terms of letting you explore different skills and skill combinations. And don’t forget that you can respec any time. Here’s a list of Krieg info you might find useful in terms of different approaches - just don’t get too hung up on details just yet!

Have fun - he’s a wild character, with lots of options.


I’d suggest going down the Mania tree first. It’s the most forgiving for new players.

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I suggest Melee Krieg because it’s so ridiculously fun… a little slow till you get Release the Beast at L31. I normally start by putting points in Bloodlust actually, but then I respec later to take advantage of how awesome RTB is.


Try hellborn melee krieg then.


Fresh off of Gaige and Maya so Smacking things is gonna be a new experience


Maybe not the most popular path/opinion, but… When I started Krieg I felt the most comfortable going down the Bloodlust tree because the early game feels more gunplay driven to me, and I rocked Blister coms (blood blister once I got Blood Bath) for extra nades. I made it to Bloodsplosion by the end of normal (:boom: FTW), and once I got to Liar’s Berg in TVHM I respecced into Mania for Release the Beast and then put points back into Bloodlust through TVHM and UVHM. The respec was an eye opener, but I felt like I wasn’t comfortable with the Mania tree until I could flesh it out at 31. If you’re unsure of melee that might be the move. This thread had a bunch of replies in it that I found helpful while I levelled and when I was ready to respec.

Edit: just read @ChemicalConundrum’s post more carefully, and it seems he beat me to it and was more concise than I was. It feels good to know that I’m not just talking out of my posterior.