New to PC! (need co-op players)

Hi everyone!!

New to PC, experienced with BL2. Looking for various people to play with, got no one on my Steam list. If anyone’s interested, please feel free to message me here!!

I’m usually down if you see me online (Adabiviak on Steam).

I’m actually new to PC as well! Just started playing about a week or so ago and trying to get the hang of using the keyboard+mouse smoothly. So used to using a controller… I’m on kind of sporadically, but my steamid is Enasnivolz. :slight_smile:

@Adabiviak @EnasniVolz Added you both!!

xmngr on steam, I usually am connected

Im new aswell, add me: A I Uraniumpuppy

Hello! I’m not new to PC (playing since 25 years on and I can’t imagine playing FPS with something else than a mouse, specially since I have a mmo7) but I’m almost new to BL2.

I already love BL games even if I haven’t finished them yet and for now I mainly play solo but it’s more because I lack Steam BL hardplayers friends than a choice (I like discovering games in solo but I love playing coop when the game is designed this way).

Feel free to add me on Steam (warn me here please so I know it’s for BL):
Have fun!

PS For voice chat, I’m French but I think I can make understand myself in English (even if I’m better at writing it than speaking it)

PPS Maybe I should say I probably won’t accept a request if I can’t be sure it is because of this post, so please once again warn me here. And don’t ask if you haven’t any BL in your library. THX

Just got the game on pc, my name is ozpiero

I have two requests right now. The names are “szdoct” and “Road to 10 Commends”. Are you one of these?

road to 10 commends

Anybody can add me, Thismortalcoil

Sent a few friend req to ppl who replayed and of course person who created post

[quote=“kyedean1, post:10, topic:383486, full:true”]road to 10 commends[/quote]Oh, that’s you! I didn’t recognize the name. :smile:

Didn’t recognized you too xDD

I just bought the game, so please add me, i’m Neivak on Steam.

Adding some people here on steam. My name is Ipecac

im experienced with borderlands and have no probelem helping others my steam is : Or1306

Anyone here go by Puffy Toes? I’ve been sitting on an invite for a while. I think it’s someone from here, but without recognizing him or her, I generally don’t accept random friend requests (as they usually just want to mooch off my TF2 backpack).

I recently moved to PC from PS3 and would love to add Borderlands players.

Steam: Maddog2029

There should be some kind of “Vault Hunter Friend Finder” (but without “the other stuff”) xD

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