New to ps4 pro, bl3 file says corrupted upon downloading digital copy on psn?

Bought a ps4 pro, and it will not allow me to download the digital version of borderlands 3,from psn store, it says corrupted file, deleted and repeated, and no go, but downloads fine on a ps4 non pro, like wtf, got an answer or nah? Thx…

weird i am on PS4 Pro too on PSN French, and didn’t got any problem like this, i preorder it btw…

If you still have standard version, try transferring the data to Pro.

Tried installing straight from the store as I had previously, gets to about 20% and errors out with corrupted file, hadnt transferred save data from cloud yet

Looked online for support, but couldnt find anything, but on the non pro it installs just fine from the store as stated before

Hey all - this is definitely an odd one. Just based on this description it sounds like there are a few possibilities. There may be an issue with the connection, with the PS4 Harddrive, with the PS4 Database, or with download from PSN Store itself. Those issue types are things that are usually managed by PlayStation themselves since they have more specialized knowledge and troubleshooting and it seems this issue can happen in a number of titles on PSN based on what I’ve been able to find. Have you already reached out to PlayStation Support? If not, that’s definitely something I’d suggest trying.

Some basic things they might have you try are Deleting the Download from your Notifications and Homescreen, Restart the PS4 then go to the Library to redownload. They may also ask you to try Rebuilding your PS4 Database.

If you are receiving an Error Code or any specific Error Message that may also be useful to PS Support!

Yeah thought it was odd, ive deleted and tried reinstalling several times, ill just go and buy a physical copy, hopefully it work, thanks

What about transfering the data (incl. BL3) from standard version? Don’t waste money right now.

All my data is on cloud, and i pre ordered the digital version, ive done everything sony has said to do, but wipe the system, because my other digital copies downloaded just fine, the easiest thing to do, is just get a physical copy, it no problem, just was kinda irritating at first. Thanks again

You don’t understand me. Do you still have normal console?

No sry, traded in on upgrade, found out today, there’s a bug with the latest psn patch thats causing numerous digital games to install incorrectly, but the physical copy worked fine.