New to the game and I have a question i need clearing up

I’m a little confused about gun farming.
Basically I want to know if so called “Legendary Gun” Can drop with different Stats. i.e
Crit damage %
Melee damage %

If so can they also drop with different amounts of the percentage?

I’ve tried to find this information online, but nothing really clears it up for.
Thanks in advance

Yes. Some guns (most guns) have variable parts that change their stats. I don’t have the screen shots readily available, but I got 2 Mindkillers back to back and one had a significantly higher crit modifier on the item card, but 10% less base damage.

Great stuff, I was hoping this would be the case.
Is there any info on Stat Caps?

Nope the level is the limit you could probably find the same legendary weapon with a different stat but nothing that higher or lower…