New to the game and really want to play Mechromancer

Hello, I just bought the handsome collection yesterday and started to play my very first through gameplay. I really really like the game and I really want to understand everything and experience everything in the game. I mostly like necro/warlock style classes and mecromancer is something similar to it so I’m playing mechromancer. However I need some few tips and I know there are lots of topics about it and I read them all believe me. But it’s just they are so advanced, I don’t understand of it, there are lots of locution that I don’t understand. So instead I decied to open a topic and ask just a few questions.

I don’t know how I should be managing Anarchy. I tried to get 150 stack and dps was amazing but accuracy was not :stuck_out_tongue: I think I also need discord skill too but I’m only level 10 so I only have anarchy at the moment. How should I manage it? Should I stack till 50 then reload and repeat like this?

What exactly is NVHM UVHM and other stuff, I really don’t understand which mode i’m in.

I mostly like SMG/Assault Rifle/Sniper type of weapons, I find them so much fun to play. Is mechromancer can play with them? I really don’t like grenade launcher, shotguns and other weapons :frowning:

I’ve read some people suggesting saving side quests for better rewards at high level. I don’t want that, I really want to do every quest in the game as soon as I unlock them. Do you think I should save them?

Last and most importantly, there are tons of builds and leveling doesn’t matter I know but at least can any experienced mechro give me a build till level 30 or 50 at least. Till then I can figure it out the class i feel like.

Thank you in advance. Sorry for creating this type of topic too.


Welcome to the forums!

Every newly created character starts in New Vault Hunter Mode (NVHM). It’s the starting difficulty. Once you finish the main story on this difficulty, you can start again in True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM). Basically same story, harder-hitting enemies with more resistances etc. After finishing that one Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (UVHM) is available. Even harder enemies that usually regenerate hitpoints. It’s like the Normal/Nightmare/Hell progression in Diablo II if that helps.

Short answer: yes. Every class can use every weapon type. If it fits your playstyle just use it.

Managing Anarchy is a question of playstyle. The Mechromancer has a skill called “Close Enough” (left skill tree, first tier) that gives your missed shots a chance to ricochet towards enemies with a damage penalty. That penalty is much lower than the damage bonus from Anarchy… Another way is to reduce Anarchy stacks by using Discord, once one has that skill. But in my opinion the first playthrough is for trying stuff and finding the way that’s most fun for the player, so there’s no “best way for every Gaige”.

Nope. In your first playthrough you level up so quick that any weapon you find will be underleveled after a short while. If you are near level cap later on and want a certain weapon on the highest possible level, then it’s worth a thought, but not with a starting character.

And here you can find a Mechromancer expert:


Welcome to the forums. You’ll find all of your Pandoran information at our various help desks.

Don’t be sorry. Tis far better to ask questions than be frustrated, and this is certainly the best place to ask. And most of us here are happy to answer them. We were there too once, and many of us only got where we are by virtue of asking similar questions. No shame in asking for help, only in stubbornly refusing to do so. :smile:


Snipers are manageable with low stacks but once you go higher it is really hard to hit crit spots. Vladof Snipers are pretty sweet with Discord, thou.

Hyperion SMGs kinda mitigate Anarchy accuracy loss, so they are good to go. I also find Dahl Assault Rifles to remain accurate when burst firing, what is nice.

Shotties are probably the best gun type to play along Anarchy, especially Jakobs ones. Too bad you dont like them :frowning:

As said, Close Enough really helps. Try it before you get Discord, as Anarchy is an unique and amazing mechanic.

Hard to say, as we have 3 trees we can go down and all of them are solid choices. If you are going the Anarchy way, get to Rational Anarchist and Upshot Robot after it.

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Here are a couple of 5 year old reddit topics that helped me when I was starting.
They are not specific to Mecromancer, but they discuss NVHM, TVHM, UVHM playthroughs, when you might want to take missions, etc.

Also, if you don’t like anarchy you can play without stacking it. It’s something I’ve experimented with Death From Above and DoT builds centered around Shock & AAAHHHHHH recently. I’ve only used it at level 72 OP0, but it works surprisingly well and is really fun.

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