New to the game and was wondering how do u get shift key codes?

hi all , i guess im a little behind in the times for this game and just picked it up a little while ago and found about the shift keys , so was wondering were/ how do i find new shift key codes? cause would love to take advantage of some great new gear.

here for TPS,

and here for BL 2


The BL 2 one is here:

cool thanks i have the handsome jack i belive the one that come with boarderlands 2 and the presequal … now can i only use codes for the handsome collection for boarderlands 2 or can i use any boarderlands 2 keys? cause prity much all but one key i just tried did not work

oh and im on xbox one

you will have to ck expiration dates on the keys. some have only 5 to 7 days after they are released, your best bet would be to start at the bottom at the newest posts,

the keys for TPS can only be used on TPS, the same goes for Borderlands 2

in fact looking at the links you were provided there are 2 key codes at the bottom that should still be active

well im working on boarderlands two from the handsome collection disk and i ive only got one too work. i tired a bunch from the bottom up.

well i figured it out i had to hard reset the game cause it was a error keeping me from using the usable keys. j