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I dont even know how to replay your comment, new to this forum thingie so if im in the wrong place, a point i the right direction would be awsome.

Just hit the “Reply” button either at the bottom of a particular post or at the bottom of the page/window. The one to the right of the title (“Reply as linked post”) is what you use if you want to fork a thread into a separate discussion while still allowing folks to backtrack to the original.

If you’re looking for a trade for the leg. Assassin, you want the on-line play and trading for your platform e.g. 360, PS3, XB1, PS4, PC You can hit the “Borderlands 2” button up top ^^ to get to the main BL2 page and go from there.

Thank you! Made my day :smile:

You had already posted in the right place. Your thread here : Zer0 class mods and legandarys needed! 😳

You posted the second thread in the PS4 section. Thats why I locked the other one saying it looks like you had already found the right place, because you did. Sorry for the confusion.