New to this what happened to derchlands?

Subbed to his YouTube also know he’s a mod here too he went dark with no info any one know what happened?

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He’s a busy man, his RL job can demand a lot of his attention and time.

Ah ok normaly on his YouTube channel he let’s people know atm he just went dead just good to know what’s going on is all thanks

Well, I don’t know of any specifics, I’m just guessing, based on previous breaks.

Oh dang lol don’t know him personally just liked his content and was subbed may sound morbid but he might be you know… hope not obviously again he normally communicates his status atm he has just disappeared completely

@Derch is most likely just busy atm. He definitely pops his head in from time to time around here.

Ah ok was just curious last time he updated his YouTube channel this time he went dead silent and with only skimming b3 chat I haven’t seen him thanks