New to TPS - who are the best end game characters

I played a lot of bl2 im just wondering who the endgame powerhouses are (like sal and maya from bl2)

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They kinda all are in their own ways

  • Athena can put out crazy damage with Maelstrom and with other skill can also get insane fire rate without really consuming ammo
  • Nisha with Tombstone and all her fire rate has very high DPS, a bit squishy and relies on kill skills heavily
  • Jack can put out amazing DPS many ways and has maybe the best survival, most all around character IMO
  • Claptrap can put out high burst damage but is a bit limited to explosive builds to do so, also a ton of survival
  • Wilhelm might have the lowest DPS but he can take a lot of punishment and keep going, also really diverse in what he can use.
    -Aurelia can really put out the hurt but is kinda like zer0, takes more skill to get it out of her, squishy but in the right hands its not an issue.

They are all good in endgame, just depends on which one grabs you.

Jack, Aurelia, and Athena are my favorites, but its up to you.

On that playlist I have all my TPS builds, well I think one is still missing. But it kinda gives you a few ideas into Jack, Athena, and Aurelia.

This helped. Thanks.

I just beat Zarpedon, appropriately leveled in NVHM (23, up to 24 mid-fight) with Jack first try, first time using Jack. Not much luck with the gear so far either. The digi-Jacks drew all the aggro from her ascended form, and she never once touched me.

They can be sent away, with a lot of cooldown time recovered, and they put some serious hurt on enemies at my level. If this holds true through TVHM and UVHM, it’s going to be fun. I’m going down the obvious-for-noobs tree on the left. I’ll explore the more head-wracking options in the other trees in the tougher modes.

The Digi-Jacks do a boat load if you get The Badass Jacks in UVHM. They can clear entire mobs easy.

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First is Jack with his 999 stacks of money is power + compund interest can 1 shot every face of invincible sentinel.
Second is Aurelia who can 1 shot eos literally. Downside with Aurelia is you only use snipers.

I use shotguns

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As said above they are all great endgame characters. But the most powerful would have to be. Aurelia, jack, nisha, athena.