NEW TRADE LIST - Updated -10/14

UPDATED WITH NEW GEAR< LOT OS ANOINTED - Photos to make it easy -
Message me if there is something you want.
I am looking for Zane OP Otto Idol, or Infiltrator & Executor mods with all stats towards DPS, Movement or Health
Also Elemental Lyuda’s with over 1000 Dam + Any weapons with the SAE + 100-125% DAM

Gt - xCaliburxxx
New gear added 10/14 Monday -

New gear form Friday -

Previous gear posted

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Could I get the shock recurring hex? Dont really have anything your looking for yet. My gt is dnaker, we’ve trade before

yes, i will email it tomorrow

I’ll do either of these two guns you wanted in my thread for that Zane annointed shock laser Sploder.

Laser Sploder radiation annointed
Molten Lyuda annointed

got a 1037 damage 16 mag shock lyuda if you want to part with a hex :smiley:

I have this infiltrator mod. If you are interested I’d like to trade for a deathless relic.

Sure, I have to go to work. But have time now. You on?

I’d love that annointed Night Hawkin.

Check out my list here for something you’d like to trade for.
I’ll be on around 8pm CST and can mail it then.

I have the Hawkins annointed and some laser sploders, as well as others.
Will reach out after work.

Gt xcaliburxxx

I’ll be on or can be on now for the rest of the foreseeable future, hit me up when you are ready

Interested in your ogre. I’m pretty loaded on gear. I’m sure I have some of the things you want

Sure, I am at work. Be home in 5 hours

Ok. Be home in about 5 hours

done, i will be on in 1 hour, if you want to trade for it

GT - xCaliburxxx

Be home in an hour

gt - xCaliburxxx

What’s your GT?

Be on in an hour

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Could I get the last stand Loaded dice , and cryo Lyuda ? What do you want for them?

GT: R3f1CuL I went ahead and sent the shock Lyuda in the mail. Just hit me up with something and i’ll get it later, sorta annoyed after the Moze nerf today so just gonna relax and do something else lol