NEW TRADE LIST - Updated -10/14

will send in email, what is your GT?





Whichever you want to part with man, a hex is god tier either way lol

I have a nuclear vicious lyuda. Would you like that?
Lvl 50
1171 damage, radiation
Also, an annexed ferocious lyuda…?
Lvl 50
683x2 damage, cryo

the radiation Lyuda, sounds good, what do you want for it?

GT - xCaliburxxx

Anointed recurring hex grenade.

Any other weapons you are looking for right now?

Great Rolls on Otto Idols, and Infiltrator mods,
a great stat on a Rough Rider
Any and all high DPS Lyudas

Looking for any Lyuda’s High Damage with ASE + 100-125% BA damage or x2 damage

I am sorry i missed this, whats Gt - i will email…

In return any great rolls on otto idols, infiltrator mods, or even any weapon that has the anointment +100-125% against badasses

my Gt is xCaliburxxx

sending you an anointed hawkin tonight, just need your GT?

new additions

Just sent pm thru xbox for recurrong hex will trade something you want if i have just lmk what your after

As in my post any high DPS weapons with the ASE 100%+ Dam to baddasses and bosses.

Or great roles on otto idols and infiltrator. I am with my daughter right now, will be back on in about an hour

BTW - WHICH HEX do you need?

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Shock one please matey and im on now have one shock lyuda with 1100 damage bit want to dupe it for you if your online now?

No worries just quickly read reply cya in an hour

What’s up dude. I really like the annointed Relentless Arctic Night Hawkin

I have an annointed fire Laser- Sploder with the anointment you want or a Sprint Rough Rider you might like.

Let me know if you’re willing to trade for one. I also have a trade thread if you wanna look at something else.

Yes man, for sure. if you have that fir sploder with the perk i need, that would be awesome. Your going to love the nigh Hawkins, it is my go to weapon for just regular game play. Any good Rough rider is also good, want me to email it, or meet up/… what is GT?

Mine is xCaliburxxx

Cool bro. If I send both can I also get the Negating Dictator you have?

My gt is RavenMock3r

I’ll send those over to you

does this meet your ASE needs?