New Trade/Request List

so i am looking for ASE100,Phase 250 and 300 of any element for these guns.

Ice breaker victory rush with cryo dmg cryo eff.
x6 Dictator
Pain is Power
Sledge Shotgun
Breath of dying
Embrace Pain
Cloud Kill
Smart Gun
Shocking 9 Volt
Sleeping Giant
Cheap Tips
Ion Laser
One Pump
Creeping Death

i dont have a graph chart yet but i have all my current stuff in albums on

just added all Annexed Scathing elements for 125 splash and badass. all ase100 element recusions, phasegrasp Frozen Heart. please PM me here or gamertag TyrantVirus7588 with what you want to trade and what items you want. thanks

I have a ASE 100 Shocking AAA, I’m interested in your Fire ASE 100 Kyb’s Worth and/or EP Otto Idol w/ Mag size and AOE.

I don’t have Facebook so I can’t check your items. I have a few of the items your looking for, would you happen to have any ase 2 mags elemental dmg kybs worth or any moze anointed kybs worth’s. I’m also looking for nighthawkin with the sntl active anoint.

The groups set as public so anyone without Facebook can look at the albums

I have this phaseslam 300% cryo bitch, I’d take a ase 100% rad redistributor for it if your interested. GT: Krayznatenasty

Nice. I’ll send right now. Send to TyrantVirus7588

Thank you! I just sent it over

Ty. Sent everyone items.

Still need the AAA?

Ryeah I do. What items u looking for. I can give some stuff tonight

I’m definitely interested in the EP Otto Idol w/ +40% Mag Size and +fire damage, as well as the Stormfront that gives ASE Rad damage