New trader, M10 Items, LF a lot, a few to offer

Hi everyone, new here and want to try out some trading, please forgive me if I got it wrong. I play Zane and Moze and am looking for stuff for them for various builds. Hit me up if I have what you are looking for :slight_smile:

All requests are for M10 lvl 57 please. All listed are M10 lvl 57 unless noted otherwise.

My wish list:

Cutsman Fire /50/150 and All elements STNL/Cryo or 300v90
Kaoson x2 All elements /50/150 or 300v90 or STNL/Cryo
Sandhawk All elements /50/150 or 300v90 or STNL/Cryo
Bloodletter +Splash, +Mag Size, +Wpn Dmg
MindSweeper +Splash, +Mag Size, +Grenade Dmg
Snowdrift Deathless +AOE, +Mag Size, +Grenade/+Rad Dmg/+Heavy Dmg
Ice Breaker Victory Rush +Mag Size, +Cryo Dmg +SMG Dmg/+AOE, /+Cryo eff

The best of what I have to offer:

Cutsman Shock/Corosive 6055 dmg /50/150 Rad
Redistributor Rad /STNL/Cryo
Redistributor Cryo /50/150 Rad
Kaoson Cryo 5107x2 /50/150 Rad
OPQ 9694x2 /50/150 Rad
OPQ 8771x2 /300v90
Breath of the Dying 4191 /50/150 Rad
Breath of the Dying 3991 /STNL/Cryo
NoPewPew 3085x4 /300v90
NoPewPew 3173x3 /300v90
YC 38320x2 /50/150 Rad
YC 40236 /50/150 Rad
YC 44259x2 /ASE Healing circle
Hellshock 5067x2 /300v90
Hellshock 4167x2 /50/150
Hellshock 4606x2 /ASA 200
Hellshock 4387x2 /STNL/Cryo
Maggie 2275x6 /ASA 200
Maggie 2275x6 /STNL/Cryo
Grease Trap 3860 /ASA 200
Krakatoa /IB 160 Splash
Krakatoa /300v90
Krakatoa /Stnl/Cryo
Krakatoa /50/150
Sandhawk Cryo 10391x9 /50/150 Rad
Transformer ASE all elements /STNL Move
Stop Gap +10% Health 15% chance for 8% shield /STNL Move
Front Loader +25% Capacity (19574), 15% chance of 10% dmg red on hit, /STNL Move
IceBreaker Otto Idol +Pistol Dmg, Mag Size, AOE Dmg
Snowdrift Deathless +Rad dmg, +Corr resist, +AOE Dmg (lvl 50)

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Welcome, I have the redistributors and the 50/150 sandhawks. Let me know which sandhawk you want and i’ll trade for both of the cutsman and the hellshock 50/150. psn halinglis send me a friend request and then we can trade.

Thank you, friend request sent. Might as well stick with the starter theme and go with a Cryo Sandhawk please.

Accepted FR. Mail me the 2 cutman and the hellshock and i’ll send you the 2 redist and cryo 50/150 sandhawk.

Thanks very much, appreciate the trade :slight_smile:

I have a Mind Sweeper with splash/heavy dmg/ grenade dmg if you’re interested?

add me nat_zero_six

Yes, I would be interested, what would you like to trade?

Hi, did you want to trade for something?

Your Maggie 2275x6 /STNL/Cryo and if you throw in your opq I’ll give you a kaoson

Done and tyvm for the trade!

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