New (true) online mode?

Is it possible to add a new online mode, where we all our progress is saved on another BL 3 server?

A mode where we start with max level and completed story, so we can start farming straight away.
This local save is full of exploits, dupped items, characters. So we never know if we are playing with good, decent player or a cheater. I know some will say something like, play with only those you can trust, play with friends so you won’t have to worry about that, but lets get real… You can’t trust any1 completely unless you know them really well.
I want this new mode, so we can all enjoy game better without worrying about these kind of things. A new mode where we and all players have the same advantage.
All this co-op local save games are fun for first few months, sometimes a year but they never reach its true potential, because its easy to edit items, save game or just copy progress of another player to your save file.


Please don’t post links to those places, thanks.

See, gearbox wants everyone to be able to play borderlands regardless of the quality of their internet connection. It means the game is vulnerable.

I don’t think it was the best decision, but I respect why they made it.

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But the game would do so much more better if they added this.
Those who don’t have internet or unstable/slow connection would be still able to play.

They still have time to expand right ? It’s just sad to see all this potential go to waste.

I’m not disagreeing with you on any of your points.

I just don’t see it happening, unfortunately. They’d have to invest in servers, for one thing. That would imply the need for an income stream, which might lead to the dreaded …microtransactions.

And that would just break this forum, at the very least.

I hope you are wrong. I wish developers saw this and adress it public stream.
Sure it would cost them to set up a server and everything, but they would get more players.
And microtransactions are not always a game killer.
As long they are not absurdly expensive, or pay2win.

Why is Warfame so popular ? It’s a free game yes, but they made lots of profit by selling cosmetics, and made every single item obtainable by farming.

Maybe, but Randy was pretty clear about his opinion of that stuff.

The problem with always online is it adds a max life time for the game. What i mean by that is if something was to happen to gearbox and they shut the servers down the game is dead.

I think the game is just fine being local save game but needs some checks put in place to stop some things. Main ones that come to mind are max skill trees and spawning weapons in the game with crazy numbers that normally couldn’t be spawned by the loot system. As for dupped items it doesn’t change the game for anyone other then the person as you have no way of knowing if they farmed, traded or dupped for the items they are using unless they come out a say so.

I mean, I do recall having a very real hope of BL3 being online only for the reasons you’ve stated, before release.

Ah well.