New type of cheating?

So just now i was playing incursion as rath. The enemy team had a very suspect alani.

I would use my smash on her, (the one that silences at level 4) at level 4 or higher. But somehow this person would somehow instantly be able to cast her skills even though she was supposed to be silenced?

im not quite sure how he/she was doing it but ive never seen it before.

her gear was heal power, move speed and cooldown… so no cc reduction there.

maybe hacking somehow?

she was also somehow jumping mid air after i would smash her… something i have personally never seen before either?

very weird.

i dont have footage, and i dont want to release the players name just yet… but this is very strange… never seen this happen befroe… have u guys? my team was also complaining about her also

by the way, we still smashed that team. lol at cheating and losing. you should be ashamed. (the cheater also tried to surrender, how ironic)

Alani has no inherent way of shrugging off CC like that. No idea.

Any chance you picked the wrong helix by accident?

yeah man it was total BS… she got me good like 3 times which made me upset. i focused her the rest of the entire game and killed her 9 times. hehe. i hate cheaters so much

There is a legendary, Arcship buoy, that ignores CC every 30 seconds as long as they are being healed, this includes any healing over time effects from other gear…

Now say you’re sorry.

Let’s talk about the game, not other forum users.

great. more legendary gear with game breaking effects.

too bad ill never get legendary gear seeing as how i hate PvE.

That one drops from lootpacks. It’s one of the only effective pieces of anti cc gear in the game.