New type of Hellshock

I would give my right arm for a corrosive/cryo Hellshock pistol!!! How about putting it in the game, guys!

wouldn’t mind if they added one haha

Wouldn’t be a “Hellshock” then though would it? It would be a “Freezemelt”

“Frostburn” :smiley:


I kinda like the “Frostburn” name idea

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Was also thinking about “Arctic Swamp”


equaly cool :smiley:

Corrosive/Radiation might be better for versatility.

Cryo/radiation would kick ass!

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I’d personally lean toward corrosive over cryo just because of Wotan.

Don’t worry, with the way Gearbox does it they’ll add it in the next dlc or limited time event and it will be better in every single way. Stares in reflux compared to brainstormer :frowning:

these elemental need a boost splashing to fully work , if u doesn’t turn on it, they are completely useless elemental.

if i didn’t forgot, i do farm such weapon before, however, as i didn’t like to use cryo( due to later realised it need splashing to greater work), i sold all the guns with this elemental effect

I dunno, corrosive/cryo doesn’t seem like the best combination since both are meant against armour. I’d say cryo/rad would be really nice.