New-U isn't canon...or is it?

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Look at the Tales from the Borderlands description on GBX website…

On the savage Borderlands of Pandora,
mighty warriors braved unimaginable perils in search of alien
treasure troves. We call these heroes “Vault Hunters.”

But there are others. They have no access to New-U stations, nor do they
enjoy the benefits of being a one-man army. For them, death is
permanent, and although being on the right end of a gun is helpful, it’s
their other talents that prove invaluable. Although no one would call
them heroes, they have their own tales to tell… tales that, once in a
while, become the stuff of legend…depending on who’s side of the story
you believe.

Set after the fall of Handsome Jack, Tales from the Borderlands is an
episodic game series from the creators of the award-winning The Walking
Dead and The Wolf Among Us, exploring and expanding on the stories of
existing and all-new characters from the world of Pandora, as seen in
the critically-acclaimed and best-selling Borderlands 2 from Gearbox and

Heres the link:
So…are they slightly canon? :smiley: Post your opinions below!

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #2

Yet another inconsistency in the BL universe? Impossible!

(Jan S.) #3

For some reason I love your response :smiley:

And now, I’m gonna be that guy and I’ll say: “Its still possible for New U to be canon. Everything we need is a brain and a 5 minutes.”

Major spoilers below.

New -Us can still be canon in story with this statement. Roland stopped being a VH, Angel was never VH, this applies to TK Baha too. Nisha, Wilhelm, they all changed their “job”. Nisha became bandit killer (again), Wilhelm became Jacks bodyguard and Claptrap, well, stopped being a VH after Shadowtrap died.


No, they are not. Its not a plot hole, they said that because no matter how many times they say it isnt canon, there will be those few who will always say that it is canon. Also, it makes the description more… interesting.

(Jan S.) #5

Well I’m not saying they are canon, but I would like them to be canon. Mostly because it’s not hard to make them canon.
But, it’s just my opinion, I still like and will like BL :slight_smile:

(Angry Crux Guy) #6

Roland prevents them from being real sadly :frowning:

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And Jack.

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Maybe or maybe not (Jack could just be hiding, biding his time or maybe it wasn’t Jack we killed in BL2? Maybe that was a body double who was/is extremely devoted to his job?) but at least we have Digi-Jack :slight_smile:

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I’ll be pissed if they retcon him back into BL3. He needs tobe dead and done. He’s reaching the point of being overused.

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Roland or Jack? At any rate, is Digi-Jack different enough to not be “overused”?

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Jack. Not really. The digi-Jack is still the same douche that the real Jack was.

Anyway, this is getting off topic. We should stop.

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True enough. Anyways back to the regular scheduled programming, “New-U stations: Canon or not?”
Technology wise it shouldn’t be that much of a stretch (fast travel is confirmed canon in BL2 and TPS) but then plotholes/oversights crop up :frowning:

(Jan S.) #13

Have anyone of you actually read my spoiler section? :smiley:
I’m just going to write it here without spoiler notice:
►Roland stopped being a VH after he formed the Crimson Raiders.
►Jack was never Vault Hunter (only his body double)
The description is talking about “others” - these are people that can’t use any New U stations.
That would also explain why everyone is so “WOW” when they see VH - they are somehow special and connected to New-U system with their ECHO communicator.
Now, the system determines if a person can be/is a vault hunter and connects them into encrypted Hyperion New U system. Now - even Jack cannot decrypt it, H-source doesn’t allow him this.
Now, before the events of BL1, Atlas could make a deal with Hyperion that they’ll make New U stations to help Atlas employees discover vaults “easier”, earn more money for both of the sides. But Knoxx got scared that Steele would never die and he would need to listen to her talking forever. After faking Admiral’s signature, he sent “change request” - →delete: ATLAS_EMPLOYEE →add: PURE_BADASS. After this change, Hyperion engineer responsible for this change, and only one knowing the New U codes “accidentaly” died. Yeah. Thats some plot twist right there.
Now, keep in mind, this does not make any sense in OUR universe. But, BL isn’t in our universe so what couldn’t work here, works there.

There you have it GBX, made a New U canon script in 5- minutes.

(Jan S.) #14

Agree with this.
Jack is an amazing character, funny, and crazy in Borderlands way.
But like I said many times, enough is enough and even through I like his personality, I want “Tales from the Borderlands” to be his last stop.
Sure, some BL fans wont like it, but it’ll be mostly BL2+ players that think Handsome Jack = Borderlands.
Anyways, I’m completely OK with some future Jack references, old echos and stuff. Just kill him. Ye.

I believe New Us were actually canon in BL1, since devs didnt know that sequel will have “deep” story.
Claptrap actually makes you login and “upload” yourself into the new - u database at the start of a game, which gives it that canon feeling.
But since BL2, most of the New-U features were added into Quick Change stations, that have nothing to do with New-u stations, so I believe starting w/ BL2, they wanted to un-canon them so they can kill Roland. Also, making things not canon is easier than thinking about it for just a second.

(Shining Moonlight Nova) #15

Hyperion owns the New-U Stations in BL2 and those on Helios in TPS, why would they allow Vault Hunters to use them when Hyperion wants to get rid of them and why would Jack not be able to access it?
In TPS this can be excused somewhat but that wouldn’t make much sense because of BL2.
Also, why would anybody make such technology available only for lawless sociopaths (mostly anyway) in the first place?

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(Shining Moonlight Nova) #17

Touché :3

I still do not see much reason to consider it canon mainly because it’s existence alone would cause too many problems.


Jack is a vault hunter, but not the same type as the others. I don’t think TFTBL is his last stop, as they went through a lot of work to immortalize him.

When claptrap explains the new-u, its uncanon, breaking the fourth wall for a moment to tell players what it does, and how they respawn.

(Angry Crux Guy) #19

Yes and no. IMO most of it wasn’t because of being canon but rather introducing the respawn mechanic otherwise it’d be very stressful avoiding that first death only to find out all it costs is a few bucks and you have a short journey back to where you were, you don’t even need to restart most missions from a checkpoint!

Pretty much, kinda like the “secret stash” in BL2.

(Jan S.) #20

Well, this one isn’t that obvious like the secret stash one, but I agree. Through, I still believe new-us were canon before BL2. Because until BL2, they never said anything about them and players werent wondering about them.