New-U isn't canon...or is it?

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No reason to make a fuss over canon or not until then; Nobody important died so it really wasn’t needed but then Jack did something in a cutscene which required them to not be canon as well as end game with Jack. Only way to have them be canon would be to have a stupid “well so and so didn’t have enough money or paid their monthly fee” or equally bs reason that people would rage over.
I personally wouldn’t mind them being canon but only if they can come up with a reason why Roland and Jack are MIA in post BL2 story (when the DLC happens basically) and are still MIA in Tales from the Borderlands (Digi Jack/Roland is not the same as flesh and blood Jack/Roland)

You know what the original vault hunters should do? Make a digi Roland in honor of flesh Roland.

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“‘It’ll be like Christmas again,’ Lilith said with tears in her eyes.”

Is that too corny? :P.

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Steele, Knoxx, Ned, TK etc all died, and stayed dead in BL1. So the New-U must have been non-canon even then, as much as I wish it wasn’t so.

I admit to being confused back in BL1 when it came to death. It seemed as if the New-U was real. Claptrap certainly wasn’t obvious about breaking the fourth wall.

Also it explained why the bandits just kept coming back (quickly, too!). It actually made the universe seem less ‘fake’ because there was a reason the baddies just kept coming back. Creatures, becuase wildlife and bandits because New-U accounts. It even explains why there’s stashes of cash everywhere - imagine the fear of not keeping your account up-to-date!

But when people died and stayed dead things got complicated. I’m still disappointed they didn’t make the effort to explain the New-U in a way that made sense and made them canon.

The universe is a giant corporate dystopia - I mean, c’mon, the idea of a respawn station that revolves around money, account keeping and dodgey corporations is PERFECT for the lore.

Imagine the extra jokes that could be made that fit the corporatization of the whole system. The headquaters could be at a place called ‘Fall Street’ and run by a man named Wolfe.

[They were always made by Anshin and leased to Hyperion, in my head. This explains why Hyperion accounts can go out-of-date/missing]


Ned isnt dead. You think a low life Vault Hunter could kill Death Himself?

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Let’s see… First time, lives (but doesn’t respawn). Second time, doesn’t respawn, brought back to life by INAC. Third time, brought back again. Fourth time, I’m pretty sure he’s dead…


Even if his physical body is destroyed, he will still live on in my heart. Unless he is still alive in a laboratory somewhere regenerating his broken body.

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Probably not since we stopped INAC…

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He’d take a page out of StarScream’s book and ascend to a higher plane of existence and be able to posses crap.

[quote=“ACNAero, post:27, topic:385345”]
Probably not since we stopped INAC…
[/quote]Made irrelevant by above scenario.

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I cast a spell that limits him to possessing toasters.

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they arent cannon, its just some sort of a 4th wall joke. do you really think jack will let the vault hunters revive after all the efforts he put killing them? and on top of that he wont respawn, the president of hyperian wont respawn in a hyperian new u station, come on now. also nakayama and jack tried to made him immortal, dont you think new u station will have a say in this?

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I already gave up posting about how it is canon or not.
Heres what I think
►NEW-Us in BL2/TPS are NOT, but COULD be if they would have more dev time (i think).
I was just pointing out the description :smile:


When you’ve got a minute, check out aaaaall the pamphlets on display in Concordia’s bank (BL:PS). Even canon doesn’t think they’re canon. :wink:

EDIT: Oh for crying out loud, autoscroll! Stop tricking me into thinking everything is recently on the front page!

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Don´t sweat it, @Snackrat , I necromance topics more often than I want to too… But this topic is rather interesting, so I´ll necromance a bit as well^^

I think New-U is canon and 4th-wall at the same time. On purpose. It explains most respawning enemies ( excluding animal bosses) in a way they are canon while the Devs can always say that the New-U is just a plot-device for respawns. So it depends on the game-scene if its canon or not.

Also, for Bosses like Knoxx and similars I can imagine they are “dead” yet respawned - dead would mean “legally dead” - so they do not exist as legally person anymore. Such a person would not exist in beaurocratic or legit terms, only as raspawned being. So all these bosses would loose any rank, job, money, right of reproduction or any right from their old life. - just a stupid thougt to make them canon^^

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There were few things in Tales that were hinting new us are canon. Can’t say it for sure, haven’t finished episode 5 yet, but Why was Grease Face alive when we were picking up Athena for final battle?

It is possible that he survived, through, there was a secret choice if you save all money to get VH for final battle. Clearly, one of those silhoulettes was Nisha.

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He was only hit by the stun baton which isn’t deadly from what we’ve seen. But it hurts.

As for the mystery choice, It’s a joke. You will always get Claptrap.

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Ah. Ok. Thanks :smiley:

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This is just a game description. I’m pretty sure the mention of New_U stations is more of a joke.

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The game breaks the 4th wall there. As well as:

the armory of knoxx (timer that blows it up with you inside) - I explain this as (you survive or escape but only barely and how the game shows it probably isn’t exactly how it happened)

Jack’s side mission to kill yourself in BL2 - I pretend that mission never happens. And really that you never do any side missions for Jack. He might have taunted the vault hunters to do those but I doubt the vault hunters actually did those. You know, because of trust issues.

The claptrap locker in sanctuary.

The ability to go back anywhere and kill anything again and again.

The lines in the headhunter dlc for son of cramerax in BL2. They talk about how they “killed that guy so many times”. That part I consider to be not canon and more of a joke. Or if it’s true then Cramerax really was invincible and simply resurrects/regenerates from barely alive/dead when you leave the area and come back.

Basically anything that can’t normally be explained or isn’t shown to be really part of the story is, in my head, not canon. Makes it way easier to accept cool game mechanics that are in contradiction of a normal consistent story/reality. Without them we’d have a game more like doom where you had to save before death and then load your game if you wanted to be able to play your character after death. Even the backpack of 60 pieces of gear would go away as it’s a little unrealistic or kinda magical to us (sure we’re way behind in technology to their age). So, anyhow, you have to draw the line somewhere.

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Normally true but you forgot about a certain nomad during the quick time event when you first use the stun baton.

[quote=“Matrixneo42, post:37, topic:385345”]
This is just a game description. I’m pretty sure the mention of New_U stations is more of a joke.
[/quote]Similar to the “It’s a dumpster, who puts $$$ in these things anyways?” description of the Dahl dumpster while in dead/old haven right?


The way I see it, New-U stations as things that EXIST and can be used for fast travel, are recognised in-game and used for progression. Their usage in BLPS in this regard make that clear.

But New-U stations as immortality MacGuffins are just a way to enable infinite continues in a game that has multiplayer and thus, cannot load saves. Functionally they can theoretically do that in-world (BL2: Kill Yourself), but in practice, what does it matter? If nobody’s death is permanent than nothing you do means anything and you may as well just ‘play’ the entire game in Marcus’ shooting range.

You have to recognise some separation between gameplay and story to allow you to experience both of them. If you’re going to take every quest and dialogue line as complete canon, both BL2 and BLPS talk about the Stash and ‘swapping items between your characters’. Where are all the threads about the Vault Hunters all being a hive mind?

Essentially MST3k Mantra:
“If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes, and other science facts, then repeat to yourself ‘It’s just a show, I should really just relax’.”

Truth. canon vs not canon