New-U isn't canon...or is it?

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Actually, it does stay kind of a mystery the entire time, right? We are always told the story through the words of Marcus to the ears of an (dirty) urchin/orphan. Isn’t it kind of the idea where you don’t want to tell the kid that the heroes of the story died, they just went limp for a moment and came back somewhere else, until the plot doesn’t want/need that part, because even Marcus doesn’t want to tell “Well right after the Vault Hunter killed an enormous thresher, a wormhole thresher, immune to corrosive damage, dragged the poor thing into the acid water and the vault hunter died. The End!”. So whether or not a character actually dies or if New-Us even exist in the actual universe is entirely up to what Marcus tells us and even then, it would have to be in the cut-scenes before and after the game, or through the machines which Marcus can’t make up because it’s likely the orphan actually sees and hears them. The machines always tell you to “Not die” as if dieing actually matters, so maybe New-Us either don’t exist or only exist for those significantly richer than even the top dog corporation in a corporate universe/galaxy. Plus it’d explain why we don’t have any (known) Survivors from the last recent event in the BL universe, the Corporation Wars (if that’s not just another Marcus Made up story), 14 or more people in the Marcus gene line, and that fear of death actually exist.

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Actually, it’s easy to explain: ECHO communicator Vailt Hunters received in BL (and very likely Claptrap itself together with the New-U stations) are a part of promotion from Dahl Corporation for new Pandora settlers.

Now look at the name: Dahl Corporation. New-U stations (and Claptrap) were manufactured by Hyperion, so Dahl must have bought the stations and secure a contract of New-U service with Hyperion (so it’s very likely that the REAl cost of New-U is covered by Dahl). And since Atlas drove Dahl off the planet by force, the contract is very likely to not expire yet, making most “new” Pandorans immortal, since you’re not screwing with Vault Hunters here if you exclude any from New-U network, you’re screwing with Dahl. And Dahl is one of the biggest corporations in the Universe with enough lawyers to milk billions out of this contract violation.

And while he may have completed such paperwork for Roland, who rebelled for years (or used Angel’s powers to crack otherwise invulnerable encryption), they couldn’t possibly do that in time for other six people who have literally just arrived.

Oh, and of course New-U are canon because Fast Travel is canon (the whole plot depends on it). Since, you know, it’s done through New-U stations.

Also neither Steele nor Knoxx are subject to the promotion - they are part of Atlas corps, and “new settlers” were planned to work for Dahl. The same goes for T.K Baha, who hated Hyperion for exiling him to Pandora and may have simply not logged in or even logged out after his wife died (natural death of old age shouldn’t be covered by New-U as this turns into perpetual dying nightmare).

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I would love if what you wrote would be true. But, sadly, it was said by GBX (mainly Burch) that they’re not canon.
I’m still under impression that there was some lazier writing there and there is nothing that would be against “new u is canon” theory.

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IIRC it was to explain why Jack wouldn’t just respawn instead of being permanently killed.

Though now that I typed that, I’m sure you already knew that…

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New you can’t be canon, if it is no one can ever really die other than maybe old age.

Pretty much all games have a respawn, almost none are cannon.

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(I can’t believe I am posting here of all places. Won’t stick around though!)

New U being canon in itself wouldn’t be a problem but within Borderlands it would make death incredibly pointless and the killing of enemies unrewarding because the guys we do kill permanently just so happen to stay dead because canon needs them dead.

“Why could we kill this super-important bad guy when everybody else, especially us, comes back? Oh, he just so happened to have a ridiculously convenient problem with his account or something.”

Unreal Tournament 3 features canon respawners. The only way to achieve ultimate victory there is to deactivate enemy respawners to make their deaths stick. Although not the greatest story in the world we at least have a reason to feel rewarded for having killed the enemy because we made damn sure they wouldn’t come back.
There’s no such thing in every Borderlands game. Enemies are dead because canon demands it.

Destroying New-U Stations or at least disabling Jack’s access to it ourselves could have made for an interesting plot actually.

…You know, I just don’t care…

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One word: Angel.

Jack never even thought he can die, so I doubt he checked his New-U account. Not to mention the right to reproduce.

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There’s a diffirence between fast traveling and bringing people back from the dead. Fast traveling is pretty much just a digital highway not a ressurecting machine.

It would be stupidly cheap if New-U was a thing for every mayor NPC that died, would make the story worse than it already is.

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Do you even understand how quantum teleportation works? It’s not “Long Jaunt” and not “Holtzmann engine”. It’s a body being deconstructed (id est destroyed) on one end, and being constructed to another according to the structure recorded. The same ■■■■ as Dahl Catch-a-Ride machines, but with living humans.

So there is absolutely no technical difference between New-U and Fast Travel as long as ECHO HUD keeps the journal on changes and syncs it with the cloud regularly (or even right after death before sending a reconstruct query).

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This is really stretching it. HUD’s are provided by Dahl, New U by Hyperion. And the chance of them ever working together is nill considering their history.

And that’s coming from a theory where bodies are broken down and rebuild. It might aswell be that the body itself gets digitised instead of destroyed.

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Wait, what? Do you even understand what “digitised” means in the first place? It means being scanned and disassembled while storing the info about the object’s molecular structure. Remember how that Bandit Technical was digi-scanned? That’s how it works. And don’t tell me that we could only reconstruct that technical once.

Not stretching at all, as it is known that Fast Travel Network is built over ECHOnet.

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In BL’s universe it might work diffirently from what we know…

Then tell me this:
If New U is canon, why are Jack, Roland etc kept dead?
Why did jack not remove the VH’s out of a possible database? In TPS he shows that he’s very good with computers…

And if they were really canon, good job at making emotional moments meaningless.

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New-Us aren’t cannon, they’re a game mechanic. Bad writing is the reason we’re even having this debate.

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